10 Things to Do Before Leaving Your Child with a New Babysitter

When you have hired a new babysitter to watch your children, it is very important that you give them all the information they need before you head out the door. This doesn’t only include important things like your contact information, but also familiarizing them with your kids and the house and making sure they know where everything is.

Here, we have put together a handy guideline for you so that you don’t miss out on any crucial piece of information to share with the babysitter:

All contact information. This includes not only your full names and cell phone numbers, but also where you’re going to be and what time you’ll be back. For example, share the office landline if you’re at work or the restaurant’s name and number if you’re dining out. Tell the babysitter the contact details for trusted and nearby neighbors, friends and relatives in case they are not able to reach you. Highlight who the emergency contact is, differentiating between primary and secondary, as well as how to get in touch with the family doctor or the nearest emergency medical centre.

Medical and emergency information. Do your children have any medical conditions or allergies? What needs to be done if something flares up? All medication and dosage should be discussed and written down, including any general medication they are allowed to administer themselves (say, for a fever). First-aid kit should also be handy. If your children need special care, it would be beneficial to hire a Registered Nurse, who will have proper medical and first-aid training. Contact details of the family doctor and the nearest hospital, clinic or emergency room are a must, along with your health insurance information.

Rules of the house. Be clear on what the kids are allowed to do and what they are not while you’re away and the babysitter is in charge. This includes rules about bedtime, screen time, the kind of things to watch, doing homework, having sweets or snacks, going or playing outside, etc. Similarly, you can also lay down some rules for the babysitter if you want, for example, if they can watch TV once the kids are in bed or use the Internet.

Safety measures. The nanny knows where the first-aid kit is. But do they know where the fire extinguisher is (and how to operate one) or where the emergency exits are located? It is essential that all babysitters in Dubai are well aware of safety and evacuation measures. Verify again if they have all the emergency details they need.

Your child’s routine. The babysitter should know the routine your kids follow. Think both in broad terms as well as the specifics. For instance, what time do the kids eat? Do they take a nap in the day and if yes, at what time? Do they have to be bathed before bed? What is the bedtime routine? Is there a specific activity that they really enjoy or needs to be done before they sleep? Are any deviations from the routine allowed? Such details will help ensure your kids and the babysitter have a pleasant time together.

Location of all things your kids might require. What are all the things the babysitter might need and where are they located in the house? To keep this simple, we would recommend that you keep as much of the basics as you can in one easy-to-access location. This includes toys, books, extra diapers, clothes, snacks, first-aid kit etc. Plus, ensure the sitter is familiar with your house so that they can easily look for anything else they might need in the course of their duties.   

Dietary details. Does the sitter have to feed the kids? What do they eat? Do show them around the kitchen and discuss how to prepare the meal. If they’ll be ordering in, don’t forget to leave some cash for payment. Mention favorite and least-liked items, as well as what is okay to feed the kid and what is not. Are fizzy drinks and sweets off-limits? If so, make this clear. Double-check that the babysitter is fully aware of any food allergies that your kids might have. Also mention what the nanny can help themselves to, for example, if you have a water dispenser machine they can use.

Temper tantrums. Are there any things which can upset your child and trigger a tantrum? Make sure you explain to the babysitter how to handle the situation so that the outburst could be nipped in the bud or skillfully controlled.

Calming approaches. Kids being kids can easily become agitated at little things and it is vital the maid knows what will calm them down. Is there a particular activity that soothes them? Is there a book or show that always pacifies them? Can they be offered a snack or sweet?

Miscellaneous things. Remember, a full house tour is a must for all new nannies and babysitters in Dubai. It is important that the caregivers are aware of where everything that they might need is located. This also gives you the opportunity to answer any questions they might have and clear up doubts or concerns. Make sure you have remembered to mention things around the house like a door handle that has to be pushed a bit, or where the extra batteries are kept, etc.

It doesn’t matter whether you have hired a full-time maid in Dubai or a part-time babysitter for a few hours a week. Or whether you found a professional babysitting company in Dubai on ServiceMarket or found them on your own. What matters is that you take all the precautionary steps to make sure that your children are safe and that all goes smoothly while you are away.  

These things might be second-nature to you as a parent but are a must-know for the people taking care of your child in your absence. Following our guidelines can help you have a nice time without worrying too much about what’s happening back home. Of course, do check in, especially if you’re going away for a longer time period, but otherwise, enjoy.


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