5 Barber Services You Can Get at Home in Sharjah

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Having services from a men’s salon at home is a huge blessing, especially for people with busy lifestyles in Sharjah. They don’t have to take time out of their busy schedules to visit the salon. Instead, they can enjoy the grooming service in the comfort and privacy of their own home while working on other important tasks. In addition, opting for a home salon service for men in Sharjah means they will no longer have to wait in queues for their turn.

One major concern people have is the cost of a haircut when booking one from an at home-salon for men. You will be excited to know that opting for an at-home salon service can oftentimes offer you the best haircut price in Sharjah. All this makes the service worth trying.

5 Grooming Services and Their Cost 

Any service available in a regular salon can now be done at home. Here are five of the most popular ones:

1. Hair

The most popular barber home service for men is a regular haircut. From basic trims to trending hairstyles, gentlemen can get their hair done at home. These services can cost around AED 158, including VAT, which is quite economical considering the convenience.

2. Facials

A facial is another popular service offered by at-home salons. There are different types of facials that you can opt for including Cleansing Facial, Full Facial, and Full Facial and Mask. All of them will help you relax and make you feel fresh. If you are going to select Cleansing Facial, you can expect to pay AED 100. If you are choosing Full Facial, it will cost you AED 150. And if you are interested in Full Facial and Mask, you will be charged AED 199.

3. Massage

You can also add massages in the men’s pedicure at home services or get them separately. There are many kinds of services available in this category including:

  • Swedish massage
  • Thai massage
  • Deep Tissue massage

Each of these services includes unique products, target areas, and techniques. Therefore, the prices can vary. Typically, they can cost around AED 300 to AED 500 with VAT.

4. Waxing/Threading

Intimate services like waxing and threading can be a hassle. By getting them done at home, one can have maximum comfort, more privacy, and an overall better experience.

Most at-home men’s salons provide waxing and threading services for full arms, back, body, chest, legs, and underarms. In addition, ear and nose waxing services are also available. They usually take 15 to 30 minutes for each area and can cost anywhere from AED 50 to AED 400 with VAT. 

5. Nails

Lastly, most men prefer getting their nails done at home. It’s more convenient and less time consuming. Aside from manicures and pedicures, separate nail services like cutting and filing are also available. They don’t take longer than 30 minutes and cost around AED 50 with VAT. As for mani and pedi, there are different types of services that you can try such as Classic Mani-Pedi Combo which will cost you AED 170. You can also go for Paraffin Treatment. It will cost you AED 125.

How to Get the Best Haircut Price in Sharjah?

Now men can easily get a haircut at home in the UAE. However, getting the right price can be challenging when there are plenty of service providers in the area. Different salons have different charges. Here are some tips for finding the best-priced home salon services for men in Sharjah:

1. Enquire and Compare

Find multiple salon services in the area and compare their prices to see which is the most economical one.

2. Opt For Deals and Packages

Instead of stand-alone services, see if there are any bundle offers available. When packaged together, prices for each service are discounted. Hence, bundle deals are usually more economical compared to separate services. 


Opting for an at-home salon offers a lot of convenience. However, choosing the right service provider can be a daunting task. But don’t worry! Let ServiceMarket help you. All you have to do is select your preferred men’s salon at home service in Sharjah and a professional groomer will be on their way!

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