5 Events You Can Book at Home Salon Services for In Dubai

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While there’s nothing quite like being pampered in a salon, the reality is most of us in Dubai don’t have the time to make the journey. What if it’s an important event and you need a hairstylist, makeup artist, a massage therapist, or a nail technician to look your best? For times like these, home salon services save the day. 

It may sound too good to be true, you can book salon services at home and transform your living room into a fun salon to get ready for an important event. 

Most Popular Events to Book Home Salon Services For

Sometimes, you just need an excuse to get pampered at home. It could be a girl’s night in or any other occasion. Fortunately, you can book on-demand beauty services to treat yourself and your guests with some nice in-house salon treatments and put your comfort first. 

The convenience of receiving beauty services at your schedule has fueled the growth and demand for salon services at home. 

You can even book these services as party activities to add spark to the event and ensure your guests have a good time. Here are top 5 events perfect for booking at-home salon services:

1: Bridal Shower

Modern bridal showers are all about experiences. So, it’s completely understandable if you don’t want to sit and play games or present gifts in front of a crowd. Some of these activities and customs haven’t changed much over the years, so including new bridal shower ideas will be warmly appreciated by your guests.

Everyone at the event wants to feel good and look good too. So, why not incorporate that into the bridal shower? Body scrubs, facials, massages, and mani-pedis are some fun ways to light up the event and do something different. Home salon services Dubai can offer these services to your guests in a safe environment.

As a result, all your guests will have a memorable time. This party idea will give your bridal shower a unique touch, setting it apart from the rest.

2: Slumber Party

Slumber parties allow you to gather your favorite people for an evening of quality time, snacks, movies, games, and lots of laughter. Hosting a super fun sleepover party demands picking ideal entertainment. 

With ideas like a Hollywood themed party, you can give your guests the most luxurious sleepover imaginable. You can set up a red carpet at home and invite your friends to dress up in their most fashionable pajamas for a Hollywood-styled fashion show. Then, all of you can head to your handmade photo booth to take pictures.

Instead of doing each other’s nails, you can book a French manicure and pedicure through at-home salon services. To make the night even more fun, you can also book massage sessions, facials, hair-dos threading, or waxing for a well-pampered session.  

3: Kids Birthday Party 

Throwing a birthday party of your child’s dreams doesn’t have to be hard. The theme you choose can turn into a mini-milestone that your child and their friends won’t ever forget. There is always pressure to pick unique birthday party ideas at which your kids don’t roll their eyes.

Adding a kids mani-pedi station doesn’t seem like a bad idea! Don’t worry, kid-friendly nail salons don’t use harmful ingredients for kids mani and pedi. Give all the kids at the party an experience to remember and complete the session with a color and nail art of their choice. This will make them feel special as they get their nails done in a safe environment!

4: Baby Shower

The only thing sweeter than honey is the arrival of a baby! Buzz-worthy baby showers are always fun to organize. Plus, you’re helping the parents-to-be have some fun and release the tension. Gifts are obviously the best form of treatment but you can always do more. Just bring the experience of a salon at home Dubai!

Not all parents-to-be want to play games and eat fancy food at their baby shower. For such couples, booking at-home salon services like a relaxing massage could be the best gift. They can relax and unwind at home in a nice and comfortable environment and remember this day.

5: Theme Party

A themed party is a great way to add a unique personality to your celebration. Once the theme is final, tie everything into place from the decoration, food, to entertainment and party games. However, there’s always room to do something different. If that’s important, you can book salon services at home and make your guests feel special. 

Order a massage, facial, manicure and pedicure services, or any other salon services depending on the crowd. Give your guests a party they will always remember!


If you throw parties or hold events often and would like to make them unique, and memorable for your friends, adding home salon service can be just the thing!

With ServiceMarket, you can explore your options and book salon services at home for yourself or your guests with ease.

Make your event perfect with our home salon services!

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