5 Things to Consider When Looking for Storage Services in Dubai

When choosing from one of the many storage services in Dubai, there are some five key factors you should be looking out for in order to ensure that they would be taking good care of your belongings (just like you would have done).

  1. Accessibility: Think about how often you would like to access the items that you plan on storing away. This is because all of the storage companies in Dubai are not open around the clock, so you should look into this factor before obtaining quotes from different facilities. If you do think that you might need to use or pick up some items from your storage unit during off time, such as in the middle of the night or on a public holiday, then this is a key concern for you. ServiceMarket allows you to factor in this option before it begins searching for the best storage companies in Dubai that suit your needs and requirements.
  2. Consider the location of storage company – and save money: If you think you would require access to your items frequently, then it does not make sense for you to choose a storage company that is over an hour’s drive away. Most of the older storage companies in Dubai are located either in Al Quoz Industrial area or Jebel Ali. However, while more remote for most people, several new storage companies have been recently set up shop in Dubai Investment Park. So when picking your company, do keep in mind that most storage companies are located at a considerable distance from the central areas.
  3. Customer service: The kind of customer service a storage facility has can prove to be an important determinant as far as your experience with them is concerned. Ideally, you should look for a storage company whose customer care representatives and managers are available to answer any concerns raised by customers in a thorough and efficient manner, in addition to providing some guidance regarding the storage process. If you get in touch with a storage company and feel that there is a lack of organization and the customer care department cannot provide you with any solutions or guidance that you may need, it is best to steer clear of them.
  4. Cleanliness: How clean the storage facility is makes a huge difference if you are storing valuable or perishable items there. Some storage companies in Dubai also take special efforts for pest control, in order to ensure that roaches, moths and the like do not ruin your upholstered furniture or rugs.
  5. Security: In order to make sure that your belongings are safe and sound, you should look at those storage companies in Dubai that offer proper security. A secure storage facility should ideally have gated and computerized access, with proper motion sensing lights and security cameras. In addition to this, some storage companies may also hire watchmen to monitor the facilities around the clock.

ServiceMarket can help you narrow down storage services in Dubai based on the services they offer, compare the quotes provided by different storage companies and read customer reviews before you close the deal!

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