5 Tips to Help Prolong the Life of Your Carpets and Rugs

Are you looking for carpet cleaning in Dubai for the precious carpets and rugs that brighten up your home? Throughout the UAE the traditional flooring style is hard floors such as tiles or wood flooring accentuated by colourful and highly decorative carpets and rugs. Whether you’ve got something luxurious and intricate, or simply plain with a long pile, you need to take care of them properly to ensure they last. 

Here are 5 important tips to make sure that your valuable carpets and rugs will last for years and always look their best:

5 Tips to Help Your Carpets and Rugs Last Longer in Dubai 

1. Keep the Dirt Outside Your Home

The most common source from where dirt can get onto your rugs and carpets is through the shoes of people coming in from outside. Even when it’s dry outside dust and grit will be brought in on the soles of people’s shoes and this will accumulate in your carpets and rugs making them dusty and dirty. This sand and grit can damage the fibres in your rug. 

Use doormats near entrances to your home to trap the dirt and wipe soles clean, take shoes off in the house, and shake rugs that are small enough outside.

2. Vacuum Regularly

Choose a good quality vacuum cleaner that will make the job easier, faster, and more pleasant for you. It will also be better for the care of your valuable carpets and rugs. Regular vacuuming will prolong their life by removing dust particles that may damage delicate fibres and help them look new for longer. It will also keep the air in your home dust-free which is healthier for everyone.

Try and vacuum your carpets and rugs 2-3 times each week.

3. Keep on Top of Stains 

Treat any stains or spills immediately before they have the chance to dry. Blot excess liquid with a clean cloth as soon as possible. Use a good quality stain remover designed for carpets, following the manufacturer’s instructions carefully and remember the fibres are delicate so no rubbing or scrubbing and do not over-wet.  

Never use commercial stain removers on handmade rugs. Use a white cloth with warm water and a gentle detergent, dab the stain gently and then blot to dry. If you can’t get a stain out, find professional carpet cleaning in Dubai to assess what the best course of action is. 

4. Rotate Your Carpets and Rugs and Avoid Damage From Furniture

Rotating your carpets and rugs wherever possible will ensure that areas of wear are not concentrated in one spot for too long. Remember there will be heavier wear in front of chairs and sofas, in high traffic areas, and around tables.

Try and turn carpets and rugs every 6 months to avoid this wear causing major damage. You will also reduce wear on rugs that sit on a hard floor such as tile by using an underlay.

Avoid direct sunlight on valuable rugs, fading in just one area spoils their appearance and can damage the pile. Remember to rotate them regularly and use blinds to protect them. 

5. Always use a professional carpet cleaning company

It’s important to have your rugs and carpets properly cleaned about once a year and you will want the best carpet cleaning in Dubai. When you’re dealing with expensive rugs or those that have immense sentimental value, you can’t afford to hire the wrong people and have a rug ruined by the wrong products.

Regular professional cleaning will extend the life of your valuable carpets and rugs, remove dirt and bacteria for a healthier environment, and eliminate stains. It will also improve the effects of wear by fluffing up the fibres and enhance the atmosphere and appearance of your home. 

How to Find the Best Carpet Cleaning in Dubai 

Carpets and rugs play a vital part in the style you choose for your home. They bring color, comfort and a touch of luxury to any room.

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