6 Hacks to Help You Overcome the Post-Vacation Blues

Coming back to your “real life” after a dreamy vacation back home or whichever snowy or tropical destination you’ve been to is not fun. Some of us at ServiceMarket are also a bit dazed by the amount of work that seems to have piled up, be it in our overflowing work trays or the laundry at home.

So we’ve put together a few hacks to help you get over the post-vacation blues. While it won’t turn your home into a beachside cabana, it will definitely help you get back to your routine faster.

  1. Do your laundry first thing after coming back: It’s always best to get the tiresome chore of holiday laundry out of the way first. You would probably need some of the essential items you took on holiday in your day to day, and the longer you leave soiled clothes unattended, the more unpleasant the task becomes – especially if you were travelling with kids!
  2. Take food items straight to the kitchen: If you were travelling with snacks or have brought back any local delicacies, put them away in your kitchen or refrigerator right away. You don’t want these items to get spoilt or spill while you unpack the rest of your items.
  3. Do a quick dust-up: This comes after you have taken a shower and taken a quick breather. While you were away, the dust in the air would have settled and if you clean it up now, you won’t have to do it again for a while. Alternatively, you can have a cleaner come in to handle the cleaning up while you deal with the rest! Book a cleaner here.
  4. Put away toiletries and unused clothes: Anything major that is a day-to-day need should be returned to its place. Other items can be piled up together, to be sorted out on an ongoing basis.
  5. Stash your souvenirs: If you’re a fan of useful souvenirs, you know exactly where they would fit in. In case of artwork or decorative pieces, either hang them right away (if you know where you want it), or store it for the time being in a secure place with the packaging intact. You can even hire a handyman to help you do so.
  6. Take a day off to relax: It’s always a good idea to have an extra day of leave before going back to work after your holiday, just to get back into the swing of things and sort out your home. Alternatively, you can stay in the next weekend to catch up on anything that’s pending at home.

These tips should tide you over the first couple of weeks as you get back into routine. Do you have any other ideas or tricks that make coming back from a vacation easier? Share them below!


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