7 Tips to Light Your Dubai Home Properly

Provided you have a qualified electrician on your team of decorators, (and if not you can click here to find a ServiceMarket electrician in Dubai) a well-lit home can be fairly easy to achieve, with just a little forethought. 

When we are decorating a new space, it can be easy to overlook the importance of lighting. It can be even easier in Dubai, where we have the benefit of plenty of natural light. However all this natural light can mean that you often overlook how to light your Dubai homes properly, leaving it feeling “off” or impractical once the sun goes down. 

Here are 7 simple tips for making the most of your home with light:

1. Look at How Your Home is Lit at Different Times of Day 

Make some notes or sketch how your home is lit in the following situations: 

  • Morning 
  • Midday 
  • Afternoon 
  • As the sun sets 
  • How your artificial lighting currently lights the room at full-dark 

You don’t need to do anything sophisticated here, you simply need to note where it is brightly lit and where it is cast in shadow. This will help you decide where to place your artificial lighting as well as your furniture to help you make the most of the natural light. 

2. Make a Lighting Plan 

Whether you’ve just moved into a new apartment or you’re giving your family home a revamp, lighting plans are the unsung hero of design. Now you’ve got your notes on how your room(s) are lit naturally or currently, you can start making a plan for how you want the room to be lit at different times of day and for what they’ll be used for.

For example, if you’re planning the lighting for a new kitchen, consider spotlights on the counters or underneath cabinets. These can often be isolated so you can use them alone in the evenings to create ambiance while still creating enough light to move around the room.  

3. Think About The Feel and Function 

If you’re planning to redo your living-dining-office room, you need to think about how your lighting will need to be flexible throughout the day to create the right feel for your home. When you’re working, you may need additional bright lighting to see what you’re doing, but from a certain direction so you don’t tire your eyes. Equally, the living and dining spaces need to have soft lighting options to help you relax after the working day. Think this through now, so you don’t have to buy random pieces to light dark spots later on.   

4. Select the Right Bulbs 

The bulbs you use can change the whole look of a lamp or overhead light, so it’s worth giving the bulbs some thought. Before you select the bulbs you’ll use, you may want to ask yourself some questions: 

  • How bright do you need your bulbs to be? Kitchens and bathrooms will require higher voltage, which is worth remembering- you don’t want a dimly lit workspace! 
  • How often will you be using this room? If this will be a room you’ll use all the time, you may want to factor in energy efficiency. LED light bulbs are typically cheaper to run. They don’t heat up, so they’re safe to use in small spaces like cupboards and closets. 
  • What kind of atmosphere do you want to evoke? This will likely influence the voltage and color of the bulb you select.
  • Do you want to draw attention to a certain part of the room? Using a light can be an excellent way of creating a focal point. 
  • Do you want flexibility? Would using LEDs that connect to an app be the right choice for you? 

5. Consider Late-Night and Early-Morning Lighting 

It’s easy to overlook things like night lights, but they can be helpful when you’re trying to make your way to the bathroom in the middle of the night or if someone in the family has to get up early, but doesn’t want to wake the whole household. Consider built-in ambient LEDs or, again, LEDs that can be set to a low setting when someone wakes up with just the touch of a button on an app or panel. 

6. Create Flow 

Ideally, you’ll have a similar style of lighting for the entirety of your home, or at least for the rooms with a similar purpose. While we often need bright lighting in bathrooms, home offices, and kitchens, other rooms need softer options. So consider how you can create a relaxed space in the evening so you can wind down and prepare for sleep. 

7. Hire the Right People 

The electronics in your home are extremely important and should only be wired and handled by a qualified electrician.

At ServiceMarket, we can help you to find the best electrician in Dubai for the job. From installing light fixtures and troubleshooting outlets to repairing electronics and appliances, we only work with the best electricians, and we guarantee that they’ll have the right tools to do any job you need. 

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