A Guide to Finding an Affordable Dubai Handyman

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Given the hot and arid climate, Dubai frequently encounters dusty, disastrous storms, resulting in an immense need for two things: house help and a handyman! Naturally, the demand for a Dubai handyman is very high, and, given that their services are required frequently, most residents want to hire someone with reasonable prices. If you also want to book a handyman in Dubai who is reliable, experienced, and within your budget, here are some tips.Β 

5 Tips to Find an Affordable Dubai Handyman

Since there are plenty of options in the city, it can be tricky to find the ideal professional who fits the requirements and budget criteria perfectly. Therefore, try the following five tips to make the process easier: 

1. Use Promo CodesΒ 

A promo code is a series of numbers or letters that create a specific code. When entered into an online website or e-commerce platform, users can get discounts on a particular product. Most people assume that these promo codes are only eligible for shopping. However, you can also use them for services, like hiring a handyman.

Companies and agencies often give out promo codes that customers can use to avail their services at lower prices. In addition, some influencers who collaborate with these companies also give discount codes to their followers and audiences. If a user is not directly subscribed to either of these, they can search for promo codes on the internet. 

2. Hire Young TalentΒ 

When looking for a handyman Dubai, most people look for well-experienced professionals. The logic behind this criterion is that the more experienced a professional, the more educated and knowledgeable he is. As a result, the client’s house is in good hands. However, here’s another truth: the more experienced a professional is, the higher he will charge. In contrast, the younger the professional, the less experience they have. Therefore, their charges may be lower.

Hiring a young newcomer is not a bad idea if the tasks are simple and do not require expertise. They are trained to do basic tasks just as well as a professional. Fixing windows, moving furniture, painting a cabinet- all these tasks do not require a highly trained professional. Hence, there is no need to pay a hefty sum to get them done. Therefore, you can give the newer talent a chance and they will get the job done at a much lower price. 

3. Compare Rates of Different CompaniesΒ 

Dubai is currently overflowing with companies, agencies, and freelance handymen. And as tough as it gets to pick a favorite, having lots of options has a silver lining – variety! People can choose a professional based on their particular criteria of experience, background, and price range. That is the best way to find the most affordable handyman in Dubai. 

After finding a bunch of different options that suit their requirements, clients should compare the prices and find the cheapest one. However, it is important to remember the type of work you want to get done, and then choose the most appropriate profile.

4. Vet Special OffersΒ Β 

“Deals,” “discounted prices,” and “special offers” are blingy terms that immediately attract the human mind (and the wallet!). So, be careful when choosing a company because of discounted prices and vet them to know that they’re offering the real deal.

5. Ask Around for RecommendationsΒ 

Lastly, another great way to find an affordable Dubai handyman is to ask other people for recommendations. Since most people in town need a professional from time to time, almost everyone knows a good service provider. This is especially true for realtors. They frequently need a handyman to maintain houses and keep them in top-notch condition for selling and purchasing. You can also read online reviews or ask your local community members for a recommendation. 


It’s not tough to hire a handyman; the recruitment process is pretty simple. The challenge is to find the perfect one. Since so many businesses, agencies, and self-employed professionals offer these services at varying prices, selecting the right Dubai handyman can be intimidating. However, you can always count on companies like ServiceMarket for help. They will take some load off your shoulders by connecting you with the best service providers. All you have to do is provide them with the criteria of requirements, location, and budget. They will take care of the rest.

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