All you Need to Know About Dry Cleaning Laundry in Dubai

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Using dry cleaning as a method to do your laundry in Dubai may not be easy to achieve at home. There may be clothes that are too delicate for the washing machine and hence need to be dry cleaned only. Therefore, you might want to look for service providers that offer dry cleaning as a laundry service in Dubai. This ensures that your clothes receive the care they require.

Before you book a laundry service in Dubai, it is essential to know about the types of clothes that require dry cleaning. Moreover, you should familiarise yourself with what dry cleaning actually is and how it works. This blog aims to help you with that, so let’s begin.

Is Water Used in Dry Cleaning?

Contradictory to the name itself, dry cleaning is not actually β€˜dry’. This cleaning method involves solvents, excluding water, hence the best dry cleaners in Dubai will use the best quality solvents out there. Liquid agents like petroleum solvents or carbon dioxide usually ensure that your clothes are kept clean. Furthermore, after extracting these solvents, the clothes are then steam-pressed.Β 

How Much Does Dry Cleaning as a Laundry Service in Dubai Cost?

Often times we mistake dry cleaning for plain laundry service in Dubai. You can find both cheap and expensive laundry services in Dubai. The low-priced service might attract you more but you need to check if it includes dry cleaning or not. You might not know it but as per low prices, your clothes might only be getting washed and ironed.

The dry cleaning charges vary according to the number of items and their type. You can refer to our article on the cost of laundry services in Dubai for more details on pricing.

Which Clothes Should Be Dry Cleaned?

Not all fabric requires dry cleaning. If you’re not sure about the type of fabric that does require it, you can always check the tags on your clothes. They usually contain a small description of the recommended cleaning method. Usually, clothing of heavy fabric like wool requires dry cleaning. Whereas linen and cotton clothing can be washed and ironed at home. 

The Dry Cleaning Dilemma

When picking out professional dry cleaners, you will want to go for the best ones out there. It might be convenient for you to search for places near you, but they might not be the best at providing this service. You can also expand your search online or download the best laundry app in Dubai.

When considering hiring someone, you might want to keep a few things in check. You should not only be looking for budget-friendly services, but you should also consider checking if they are competent enough for the job or not. 

At times, you might want your laundry dry-cleaned and ready to wear urgently. For days like these, you can go for same-day dry cleaning in Dubai. If you give away your regular laundry for dry cleaning, expect to get it back faster. Therefore, considering turnaround time is essential while booking any laundry service in Dubai.

Does Dry Cleaning Actually Clean?

When you send away your clothes, their cleaning fate lies in the hands of the professionals. The main process is usually the same for any laundry service in Dubai. They are most likely to first divide your clothes according to the cleaning they require. Special cleaning machines then start the cleaning process. High-quality solvents and machines ensure that the clothes are stain-free. You can even see a visible difference in fabrics that are dry-cleaned.Β 

After using the appropriate solvents, your clothes are pressed and folded or hung up as needed. These are then left to rest at the conveyor until delivered to you.

Can You Dry Clean at Home?

Dry cleaning is not always possible at home because not everybody has the required machinery. You might be able to freshen up a few basic fabrics at home, but others may always require professional help. This is so because certain chemicals and solvents used in dry cleaning are neither readily available nor does everyone have the knowledge or skill to use them without causing damage to the fabric.Β 


The quality of your clothes can deteriorate if you do not pay attention to the type of cleaning they require. Fabrics that need dry cleaning might not be able to withstand the harsh washing techniques and detergents used for normal clothes. Therefore, it is crucial that you not only learn about the fabrics but also the best laundry service in Dubai to ensure you get quality service. 

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