Common AC Problems You’re Likely to Face as a Dubai Resident

It won’t be surprising to know that as temperatures rise over the summer months, so does the need for AC repair, servicing, and maintenance. It goes without saying that you want your AC to keep working properly at all times. The experts at ServiceMarket have put together this guide to help you understand some of the common AC problems and what needs to be done when you face them.

1. Your AC isn’t working at all

If your AC unit isn’t working at all, it is most likely due to a faulty electrical supply, and so you’ll likely need to get an AC maintenance company in Dubai to come out and have a look for you. If there is no power supply to other areas of your home, you may need to investigate other avenues. It could be as simple a problem as a fuse or the circuit breaker. If your whole home is off, see if your neighbors have power, and if they do, contact your utility company. If you’re not sure, call an AC maintenance service in Dubai who will be able to determine the exact cause and reset your circuit breaker if needs be. Just make sure that you do not turn on your AC unit if it is malfunctioning as this can cause further damage.

2. Your AC is working but not properly cooling

If your AC unit is working, but not cooling as it should, there could be a number or reasons for this:

  • The chilled water strainer may have become blocked by dirt or particulates
  • The filter may have become dirty which will reduce cool air flow
  • The actuator may have become worn or blocked – this is what controls the cool water flow
  • The flowing water is too warm – if you have a shared AC system, this can happen when a lot of households are trying to use it at once

Determining the issue may not be easy for you to do yourself, so to ensure that the problem is solved quickly, contact an AC repair service in Dubai.   

3. Only a small amount of air is flowing out

If your AC unit is pumping air out at a lower rate than usual, this could be due to a faulty fan motor or capacitor. If the capacitor has stopped working properly, the fan motor will also cease to function as this is what controls it. If there is a fault with the fan motor itself, this is often due to a build-up of dust causing the fan motor to burn out. This is why AC maintenance in Dubai is so important.

4. Warm air is flowing out

If your AC unit is pumping out warm air, this is most likely due to an issue with the thermostat. You may find that you have an AC unit with a thermostat that needs a AAA battery in order to work, and you will simply need to replace it with a new one. If this is not the case, you will need to hire an AC repair service in Dubai to fix the malfunctioning thermostat.

5. There is a Strange Smell

If there is a strange smell coming from your AC unit, it is imperative that you don’t ignore it. An unusual smell indicates that there could be a major problem with your AC unit, and you need to book AC servicing in Dubai as soon as possible. Problematic smells include:

  • Must – this indicates that there is mould or fungus in your AC system – not only will this cause damage to your AC unit, it can also lead to serious respiratory problems to the members of your household, including asthma.
  • Burning – this indicates a problem with any one of the electrical components in your AC unit and could lead to serious damage in the AC system.
  • Gas – this means that the unit’s coolant is leaking, and your AC system will not be able to cool your home as it did before – when you book an AC maintenance service in Dubai they will fix or replace the damaged part and refill the coolant.

Whatever the problem with your air conditioning system, AC repair services in Dubai will find the solution and get it back to full working order to keep you cool on those hot summer days. You can easily book a vetted and licensed AC repair service through ServiceMarket

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