Cost of Men’s Salon at Home in Sharjah: Haircuts, Trims, and Other Services

cost of men's salon at home

Now you don’t need to commute through the roads of Sharjah and sit for hours in the salon waiting rooms! The facility and convenience of using the men’s salon at home service have been life-changing.

You can say goodbye to long hair and an untrimmed beard because now, it’s quick and easy to get a grooming service from the comfort of your home. The only reason some people haven’t yet availed this convenience is that they are concerned about the cost of a men’s salon at home. It’s reasonable and it’s worth it! 

Let’s explore the prices of different services so that you can book men’s salon at home in Sharjah and rejuvenate.Β 

What Is the Cost of Men’s Salon at Home in Sharjah?

The cost of grooming services at home in Sharjah will vary based on the type of treatment you book. Here is a complete list of types of at-home salon services available for men alongside their cost:

Hair Cut and Hair Dye 

Men are usually quite picky about haircuts and they are willing to pay a good amount for a cut that suits their personality. After all, your hair defines you! You can expect to pay up to AED 158 in haircut price in Sharjah for a 30 minutes session that includes a wash, cut, and dry for a complete, groomed look. 

Some salons also offer hair dye treatments at home, which can cost up to AED 496. When you don’t feel like dyeing your hair yourself, just book a professional and let him do your hair while you lounge in your living room and watch TV.

Basic Grooming Services 

A well-kempt beard always gives an edge to your personality. Book a barber home service for beard grooming, and face and cheek threading, and get an elite salon-like experience at home with satisfying results. Check the list of basic grooming services and their prices:

Face ThreadingAED 79
Eyebrow ShapingAED 79
Cheek ThreadingAED 55

Waxing Services 

Men deserve clear and smooth skin just like women do. When you book waxing services, hair removal specialists come to your place to offer the treatment you need in your home’s private setting. 

Waxing ServicePrice
Brow shaping AED 79
Half ChestAED 181
Full ChestAED 331
Half BackAED 150
Full Back AED 315
Half Arms AED 134
Full ArmsAED 252
Half Legs AED 197
Full Legs AED 362
Underarms AED 134
Full BodyAED 914
Nose and EarAED 63

Hand and Feet Treatments  

Manicure and pedicure treatments for men ensure they have soft hands and well-groomed feet. Various hand and feet treatments are available for men to get buffed nails, well-maintained cuticles, and moisturized hands and feet. 

Here is what you can expect to pay for these services in Sharjah:

Type of ServicePrice
Basic ManicureAED 150
Basic PedicureAED 181

Facial Treatments 

Getting a facial isn’t all about getting relaxed and pampered. A good men’s facial by an expert should help soothe different skin problems including dullness, razor burns, sensitivity, acne, and clear dirt and grime from the daily exposure. 

The facial treatment of 60 minutes from the best salon at home in Sharjah can cost you around AED 150. It’s a customized treatment and is personalized based on the client’s skin situation. The results of a good facial include enhanced, restored, and healthy skin.

Massage Services

Whether it’s about treating a prolonged muscle ache problem or relaxing because you feel like your mind and body need a break, a good old massage can fix everything! In fact, with a nice and relaxing massage, you can actually feel refreshed and rejuvenated. 

Lots of salons in Sharjah are now offering at-home massage services too. This is a perfect opportunity for men who have a lot on their plate and can’t visit a salon. 

A 60 minutes session of a Deep Tissue massage at home can cost AED 300. This classic massage is perfect for you if you’re constantly tired and feel knots and pain in your muscles. 


Next time you need to visit a salon but can’t find the time, why not just book the service you need and get it in the comfort of your home! The cost of men’s salon at home is very affordable. Plus, unlike traditional salon services, there is no commute or waiting time. You can book the service at any location, even in a hospital or at your workplace (if it’s permissible). 

So are you ready to book yourself a haircut or a mani-pedi session? ServiceMarket can help! They can literally bring you men’s salon at home in Sharjah. Choose from the services available and a professional will come to your doorstep to groom you at home.

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