Should You Have a Dash Cam in the UAE?

Should You Have a Dash Cam in the UAE

There are numerous smart techs that have grown in popularity including dash cams or dashboard cameras, and for good reason. These days, people need to cover their bases when it comes to their safety, be it at home or when on the road. But in the unfortunate event that you are in a road accident, a dash cam can actually be a blessing when it comes to filing your car insurance claim. But before you decide to buy a dash cam, there are some important things that you need to be aware about.


The Dubai police clarified last year in September that it’s completely legal to own a dash cam and use it… but with a few restrictions. Ownership doesn’t necessarily mean that you can use something however you please – there are some rules and restrictions that you have to follow, be they be cemented or law or something that is part of social etiquette.

What you can do

A dash cam is built to record all traffic as your car goes through it. You can use it to inform the authorities of any mishaps or wrongdoings on the road if they occur, as well as prove your innocence in the case you get into an accident as actual footage can serve as hardcore evidence. Furthermore, with the police’s permission, you can also provide the recording to your insurance provider for any proceedings. But other than these personal gains, you can also contribute to reducing the traffic crime rate by serving as watchman with your dash cam while driving for your daily tasks.

What you can’t do

Getting the most important bit out of the way first, you absolutely not allowed to upload anything on social media. This is something you have to keep in mind and no matter how bad the itch. Β As an extension, you can’t share the footage without the permission from the police, including your insurance provider. Another major don’t is using your dash cam to violate someone else’s privacy – it’s an offense that can land you in serious trouble. Responsibility is key, when driving as is when using your dash cam.

Where you can get it from

If you’re set on buying one but don’t know of any good stores, you can always check out Open Eye Dubai, the only licensed distributor and installer of dash cams in Dubai.

Your dash cam can be a life saver, but you should take precaution by buying a comprehensive car insurance policy. With ServiceMarket, you can compare free insurance quotes from the best car insurance providers in Dubai today for a safer tomorrow.