What are the Different Types of Storage Services in Dubai?

If you are planning to move homes or are trying to clear unnecessary clutter from your current home, you are likely to need a space to store some of your belongings. But it can be challenging to choose the most suitable storage services in Dubai. This is why ServiceMarket has created this guide to help you make an informed decision. 

What types of storage services are there in Dubai?

There are 2 storage options that you can choose from. The first is self-storage. This is where you have storage space to yourself with your own lock. This is the best option if you need frequent access to your belongings.

The other option is shared storage. This is where you have to share storage space with other people so you will have no personal locking system. Shared storage is more affordable than self-storage, as you can see from the table below.

Table 1: Cost of storage in the UAE per month (AED)
Cubic Meters (CBM)SQFTSelf-storageShared storage
1 to 210300 – 400  200 – 300
3 to 525600 – 800400 – 600
6 to 1050800 – 1000500 – 700
11 to 15751000 – 1400700 – 1100
16 to 201001300 – 17001000 – 1400

What can be stored in Dubai?

Things that can be stored include, furniture, appliances, soft furnishings, clothes, books, cars – essentially anything that can be left, unused, for long periods of time. 

What can’t be stored in Dubai?

Apart from perishables, like food, you are not allowed to store materials like flammable liquids, chemicals, paints, medical supplies, or alcohol. This is mainly for safety reasons as all of these materials have the potential to spill/leak or combust and damage things belonging to you or other people.

How much space will I need?

Many companies will calculate the volume of your belongings for you, and advise you on the size of the unit you will need, but you can do it yourself if you wish. Check out this handy infographic on how you can figure it out yourself. When you calculate the volume of your goods, it will help you to estimate how much it is likely to cost you to store your goods. The larger the volume, the bigger the needed unit will be, and therefore the higher the monthly price will be. It’s so important to compare rates of storage services in Dubai as each one may be a little different and you will want to find the best price.

How can I prepare for storage?

Firstly, you must make sure to insure your belongings, so that if anything is lost or damaged in transit or in storage, you are covered. Then you can prepare each of your belongings for storage, depending on the item:

  • Furniture – it is safest stored dismantled, if possible, and it will take up less of your unit volume. You also need to ensure that any wooden furniture is free of termites as they can create notable damage over time. Many storage companies will carry out regular pest checks, so try to hire from a company that does this.
  • Fabrics – Make sure that they have been thoroughly cleaned to prevent mould or a smell of must. Then, when they are totally dry, wrap them up in plastic.
  • Fragile goods – Any item that is breakable should be wrapped in bubble-wrap or recycled newspaper. Items such as vases, with empty space, should be filled with old cloth to give them more strength.
  • Perishables – (Not food) – Some items may not be able to last in particularly hot environments. In which case, you should look for a storage service with air-conditioning or ventilation in their units.
  • Cars – You will need to top up the fuel and change the oil just before putting it in storage. Remove all the belongings from your car and give it a deep clean. And make sure you cover it up!

Do I need to have my belongings delivered to storage?

Unless you want to take care of it yourself, many storage services in Dubai will take care of both packing your goods and transporting them to the storage unit, either through a separate fee or as part of their service. A professional packing service is a lot less likely to damage belongings as they know the best way to pack items and they use robust packing materials.

How can I cut down on costs?

If you choose a storage service that is some way out of the city centre, you will find that it is cheaper as it’s not quite so accessible. If accessibility is one of your main priorities, you will have to pay more.

Aim to only store the things you know you will need in the future or can’t bring yourself to get rid of. Try to sell, donate, or get rid of anything you really don’t need as this means you will be able to get a unit of a smaller size and simply pack it full. Having a smaller unit means paying lower fees, so you can save on money.

If you are planning to store your belongings for a particularly long time, you can cut down on costs by opting for a long-term contract of one year. This often allows you to get up to 2 months of storage for free, depending on the storage company, so it will work out cheaper than if you keep extending a shorter-term contract.

Is there anything else I should know?

You may not be able to visit your storage unit all the time. Just make sure you know your storage locker or unit’s access times, and you won’t have any issues.

How do I find a reputable storage service in Dubai?

ServiceMarket partners with the most reliable storage services in Dubai. What’s more, you can compare quotes and read customer reviews online to find the right storage facility. 

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