Dubai to the United States of America: An International Moving Guide

If you’re living in Dubai and about to make the decision to move, don’t get overwhelmed by all the errands and chores you have to complete. There’s a solution for that and it’s to stay organized. If you do the right research and get a number of quotes for the services you need, you’ll have all the resources to make the best decisions. You can find international movers easily and make your move from Dubai to the United States of America a lot smoother with ServiceMarket.

First Steps

One of the first things to decide is when you want to move. If there’s flexibility in your schedule, try to plan the move before the summer starts. Relocation services in Dubai receive a surge of jobs towards the end of summer, which will make the total cost a lot higher for you. The best thing you could do is settle the contract with the movers many weeks in advance to avoid last minute confusion.

You also need to set a moving budget so you don’t break the bank relocating to the USA. Once you have the budget decided, you can pick the services provided by the moving company that fit it. A budget will help you make the choice between shipping routes (via air, land or sea), whether you need packing and unpacking services and should you ask for a port to port services or a door to door one. If you start planning months in advance, you will even have time to save up for your relocation.

Packing Musts

International moving, especially to the US, isn’t easy. It requires hours and days of planning, researching the right services, and booking the necessary appointments. Try to get started on your packing right away; even if it’s just one room at a time. You can dedicate one week to each room to ensure it’s completely packed in color coded boxes and ready to be moved. If you come across anything bulky or unnecessary for your new life in the States, consider selling, donating or throwing it in the trash.

If you don’t think you have time to pack or feel that you might be doing it wrong for overseas shipping, remember that international moving companies in Dubai also offer packing and unpacking services. With these duties out of the way, you can focus on the paperwork required for an international move. From visas to residency papers, you must make sure to have all the administrative work ready before your arrival to the United States

Before Leaving Dubai

You’re getting ready for your relocation from Dubai, what are some things you can do from here to make things easier? For starters, you can look up neighborhoods that you’d like to live in and research the cost and procedure of renting apartments in the States. Getting in touch with reputable real estate agents will help you finalize your choice. Next you can look up schools, gyms, and grocery stores in what will be your new neighborhood. This way, instead of spending the first few days in USA in utter confusion and chaos; you’ll know where to go to pick up your routine where you left it off in Dubai.

Arriving in the States

Any relocation company in Dubai you find will be well equipped and ready to move any number of belongings overseas. You won’t have to worry about each individual item; all you should be concerned about is unpacking once you arrive. Another few items to check off the list when you arrive is discovering the public transport system. There’s nothing more convenient than a well organized transport system and it will help you immensely in the long run if you know the lay of the land. If the city doesn’t have a great public transport system, be ready to rent a car for the first few weeks in the city. Also, remember to find out where the closest hospital and gas station is so that you know what to do in an emergency,

Some tasks to consider in your new resident country is acquiring a bank account, new phone line, credit cards, tax issues, and insurance policies. If you dedicate one day to each of these errands, you’ll be finished in no time. Because these are issues you need to cover before you truly consider yourself at home, ServiceMarket suggests you get them out of the way before they pile up and overwhelm you.

Pets Welcome

We can’t forget our furry friends; if you have a house pet, they also need paperwork and documents before they can travel with you and your family. Ask your new residence if pets are allowed and then get started on making arrangements to have them come along. Also, notify the airline you’ll be bringing your pet on the flight and find out what you need to bring along on travel day.

Address Cards

Naturally, you’ll notify your friends and family about your future address and phone number. Most people forgot this part; but send your forwarding address to old banks and schools in case they need to reach you for anything. You don’t want to visit Dubai after some time has passed to find thousands of letters waiting for you to act on.

Bon Voyage!

Everything will sort itself out if you approach this move with organisation and key strategies. Do your research for a myriad of services in your city; starting with relocation companies in Dubai and ending with a huge goodbye party when you move! Let ServiceMarket assist in every aspect of moving and you’ll be all set.

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