Strange Facts: What Do Sofas Go Through in Abu Dhabi Homes?

Even if your sofa has been with you for many years, you probably can’t remember the last time you hired upholstery cleaning services in Abu Dhabi to take care of it for you. From hours spent watching TV to your kids building forts, your sofa goes through a lot. The experts at ServiceMarket did some research to bring you interesting facts about what your sofa goes through in its lifetime.

Playing favorites

There’s always that one spot on the couch everyone loves to sit on, but guess what that’s doing? That’s right, structural damage. If everyone keeps plopping down one too many times on the same exact place on your sofa, you’ll start hearing it make sounds and creaks. Since you most likely don’t want an obvious dent in one corner of the couch, don’t play favorites. Try to sit in different places on the couch each time.

Couch potato secrets

While they’re super comfortable and relaxing, sofas are not designed for sleeping. If you keep dozing off in front of the TV to take short naps, that’s fine. But if you’re sleeping on your sofa regularly, eventually you’ll get some back pain. Furthermore, the more you sleep on your sofa, the saggier your cushions will get and the overall wear and tear will become more obvious. 

A hotspot

You might think scraping off food particles or getting rid of a stain is the key to a clean sofa. In reality, your couch is a hotspot for numerous dead skin cells, food particles, pet fur, and dirt. Find a professional sofa cleaning service in Abu Dhabi to ensure that you sofa gets a complete and thorough clean with their specialized equipment, such as a commercial steam cleaner.

Money, money, money

While the occasional AED 20 might pop up from between the cushions, you won’t believe how much money was found under one of the sofa cushions in a medical and dental clinic is Texas. A whopping $2,500! So take some time from your busy week to clean out your sofa and check under the cushions. It is generally recommended that everyone should check their sofa cushions about 3 times a month to see if they get lucky.

Treasure trove

In addition to swallowing our money, sofas will also hide toys, socks, and other things that we can’t seem to find anywhere else in the house. So the next time you lose something, don’t give up till you’ve checked under your sofa cushions.

Cooks and stains

While you might not feel that you get your clothes dirty while cooking, changes are that you have some cooking oil or grease on you that’ll come off on the couch when you go and sit down on it. Over time, this will just make the sofa grimy and difficult to clean. Consider getting in touch with a professional sofa cleaning company in Abu Dhabi every couple of months to keep your favorite sofa looking brand new.

Spillage record

During the sofa’s lifetime, it will probably get spilled on numerous times. That number increases when you and your family decide to have a movie night while having dinner. If you’ve finished dinner safely without any accidents, all you have to do now is get through the popcorn without making a mess.

Sofas travel the world

Sometimes, while relocating people also decide to ship their sofas. Always hire professional international movers and packers to make sure they don’t get damaged during the journey.

It can be challenging to find the right couch for your family, so once you have it take good care of it. It can go through stains, long journeys, jumping, pets, and babies, but it’ll survive much longer if you hire professional sofa cleaners in Abu Dhabi to take care of it.