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Everything You Need to Know About Deep Cleaning Services in Dubai

Deep Cleaning Services in Dubai

As the name suggests, deep cleaning services in Dubai cover much more than general home cleaning services. This means that it’s the most effective and surest way to make your home spick and span. This guide by ServiceMarket will help you understand how deep cleaning goes beyond general home cleaning, how much it costs, and what’s included in the service. 

General home cleaning services versus deep cleaning services 

General home cleaning services 

If you book a home cleaning service, the professional cleaners in Dubai will carry out tasks such as vacuuming, dusting, sweeping, tidying, as well as mopping. What’s more, they will even do the dishes and laundry. Your fridge, interior windows, and the bathrooms will be cleaned as well. You can book a home cleaning service for as low as AED 25 per hour for a four hour session. Keep in mind that there will be an extra cost of AED 10 per hour if you need the cleaners to bring the cleaning materials. 

Deep cleaning services 

The deep cleaning services process takes more time as it is more thorough. You can expect: 

  • All contents of the living room cabinets are removed, with the interiors dusted. Of course, all your belongings are then replaced right where they were originally. 
  • All interior windows, windowsills and grills in the home are cleaned, with any stain or mildew removed.
  • All surfaces including tables, tops of wardrobes, entire shelves and countertops are wiped and dusted. Ornaments and art are carefully dusted. 
  • Floors are vacuumed and/or mopped, with corners of each room and difficult-to-reach areas behind or under furniture also thoroughly cleaned.
  • All trash cans/bins are emptied and cleaned.
  • Sofas, chairs, and other upholstery is dusted.
  • Curtains, blinds, and drapes are dusted.
  • Every kitchen cabinet is emptied, wiped, and/or dusted. All items will then be returned to the cabinet. 
  • Kitchen cabinet handles are wiped. 
  • The refrigerator is emptied and cleaned, removing any stains or grease. 
  • All kitchen surfaces are dusted. This includes the stovetop, countertops, tables, and cabinet doors. Any dishes will be washed, and the sink and faucet will be scrubbed. 
  • The oven is scrubbed, removing any food or grease. Same for the microwave
  • All bathroom cabinets are emptied and dusted with any spillages or sticky residues being removed. The shower walls are also cleaned.
  • All bathroom fixtures are scrubbed. The floor is swept and mopped, with extra care taken to ensure dusty areas are reached (such as under the sink). 
  • All bedroom surfaces like counters, shelves, and tables are dusted. 
  • Beds sheets are changed. 
  • If the home has a balcony, all furniture will be wiped and dusted. The floor will be swept and mopped, and the balcony railings will be wiped.
  • If the home has a garden, all lawn furniture will be wiped and dusted. 

The cleaners will use a full array of cleaning materials at their disposal, such as: 

  • Cloths, rags, and dusters
  • Bucket and mop 
  • Vacuum cleaner 
  • Floor cleaner and disinfectant 
  • A toilet brush
  • Sponges, squeegees, and multipurpose cleaner spray 
  • Glass cleaner
  • Furniture polish
  • Stain remover
  • Bin liners 
  • Dishwashing liquid 

You can get a studio apartment deep cleaned for AED 299 and expect to pay AED 399 for a one-bedroom apartment. Check out this guide on the cost of cleaning services in Dubai

This long list of all the jobs needed in order to carry out deep cleaning shows the huge difference between regular cleaning and deep cleaning in Dubai. 

Whether you need a daily home cleaning service or feel like it’s time to give your home a deep clean, you can book all types of cleaning services in Dubai through ServiceMarket. 


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