6 Things a Handyman in Dubai Can Help You With

DIY projects are like jigsaw puzzles: they come out looking really weird if you don’t put the pieces together correctly. Why not have a professional maintenance company do it for you instead? Here are 5 things a handyman in Dubai would be able to help you with. 

1. Curtains and blinds

We’re not telling you that you need professional help with putting curtain hooks through the hoops. We’re suggesting that a handyman is better equipped to install curtain rods and railings without damaging your windows or walls. Some window coverings like shutters require skilled hands and can be too risky for DIY. The same goes for blinds as you might risk accidentally damaging the blades or the drawstring.

2. Lighting

How many people does it take to screw in a lightbulb? One, really. But when it comes to installing light features such as sconces and chandeliers, not anyone can pull it off without a hitch. From proper alignment to drilling holes without damaging the walls, there’s plenty to consider and an equal amount of craft and care required. A handyman would be best suited for this job and can even advise you on what type of light features would be best for your rooms and where.

3. Furniture repair and assembly

You might think just because you have the right tools and an instruction manual you can assemble an IKEA cabinet in no time. Well it’s a lot tougher than you think – and you can take our word for that! Furniture assembly is hardly ever a “fun” much less an easy DIY project, which makes hiring experienced handymen to do it for you a great option. And since they’ve worked with IKEA furniture countless times and are familiar with most types of woods and finishes, they can handle all repair work like pros.

4. Kitchen renovation

Who has time to dedicate several hours out of their tight schedule to revamp their kitchen these days? Booking a professional service can have your kitchen spruced up pretty quick, sparing you a migraine. Be it installing new cupboards and worktops, fixing drawers, setting up your refrigerator or oven, or laminating cabinets, an experienced handyman has all the right tools and the right know-how to give your kitchen a makeover.

5. Wall mountings

When it comes to decorating your room, some fixtures need a serious amount of consideration before they go up on your walls. After all, everything needs to be perfectly arranged or else you might end up with a jumbled mess nailed to the walls. A handyman in Dubai will be perfectly equipped to take the right measurements and install fixtures like shelves, book cases, paintings, frames, mirrors and other decorative elements.

6. Entertainment systems

When it’s delicate electronics that need to be installed, then it’s best not to even think about doing it yourself. Unless you’re really keen on setting up your LCD television slant, or worse risk an accident that’ll shrink your wallet down significantly, you should book with a professional handyman in Dubai and have your expensive entertainment systems set up safely and quickly.

If you’ve got projects piling up but just don’t have the time, tools or the know-how to do them, then book a handyman online through ServiceMarket today. Compare ratings, read reviews and get free quotes from our extensive network of the best maintenance services in Dubai.

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