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You’ve found the perfect apartment – it’s close to work and a good school district, and you’ve already moved in and gotten settled. Only problem is: there isn’t enough space for a lot of your belongings. What can be done? Well, ServiceMarket brings you some storage hacks and solutions to try. If these don’t turn out to be enough, look up self-storage spaces in Doha.

Organize Your Kitchen

A kitchen is often the center of a household since it’s where breakfast, lunch, and dinner are served. If your kitchen isn’t organized and tidy, sitting there can be overwhelming for family members and they might end up avoiding it all together. Try these tips out to make it more organized, less cluttered and spacier.

  • Hang up straw baskets on the walls. You can add cutlery, towels, whisks, serving spoons, fruits, and vegetables – whatever your heart desires! The beauty behind this hack is that it doubles as a decorative addition to your kitchen and keeps things neat.
  • Before you throw away your wet wipe containers, you can hold on to them and use them to store your plastic bags. We’re always storing our plastic bags for some reason or the other, but they either end up taking too much space in a cupboard or drawer or we can never remember where we placed them when we need them. This way you can keep them in one tidy little spot so that you can always find them. You can also place plastic bags inside paper towel rolls! It’s a great recycling and storage hack.
  • Spice racks aren’t just for the kitchen! If you have a worn out spice rack or you’re fixing a new one, keep the old one and try this out: hang the racks around your home and use them as alternative shelves. You can place nail polish, ornaments, or essential oils in them and they’ll look great while being functional.
  • Why don’t you use your magazine holders for something other than magazines? Place them in the kitchen and use them to hold cutting boards or plastic wrap boxes you need to keep to cut tin foil or plastic wrap.
  • If you have several unused drawers in the kitchen, you can fill them up with vegetables. It keeps items neat, tidy, and (almost) in plain sight.
  • Are you an avid baker? You can collect and keep all your cookie cutters in one place using a paper towel rack.

Tidy Up Your Bedroom

Try the following do it yourself storage hacks to tidy up your bedroom:

  • Try out the tiered clothes hanger trick; this consists of hanging up to six hangers under one another using a chain. This way, your closet can carry double the amount of clothing, or more! This is a particularly helpful trick if you have just one closet to share between you and your spouse. Of course, you could always pack away the clothes you’re not using this season in a storage space in Doha.
  • Create a brand new closet by hanging items under a shelf in the corner of the room or buy yourself a clothes rack. Keep the rack out of the way and add whatever items you need; you can choose to hang colorful dresses or shirts on it to make a decorative element from it.
  • If you didn’t buy a headboard for your bed yet, invest in one that has drawers and storage space. There are many furniture pieces that can come with extra storage space, including an ottoman, side table, dresser, and bed frames. You can even use bookshelves as headboards if you decide to custom make one.
  • Don’t let a laundry bag take up any more space than it needs to; hang up your laundry basket or bag behind the bathroom door to create more space in your bedroom.
  • Do you have extra pieces of luggage lying around? Bonus points if they’re vintage! Stack up 2 or 3 bags atop one another and voila! You’ve created a bedside table that can be used as storage as well.

Around The House

There’s plenty you can do around the house as well:

  • Remember those cork boards you see at stationary stores? Those are great at hanging items up; from car keys, necklaces, handbags, and framed pictures that are laying around the house.
  • This is a wild, but effective and decorative idea: if you own a bicycle, hang it from your ceiling or on a wall! It’s an interesting conversation piece and it’ll keep your doorway clear of any extra, unnecessary objects.
  • Fill your home with storage racks that have wheels! It’s a great idea for a mobile library or if you need to clear up space in a room as fast as possible.
  • Floating shelves are growing in popularity, and for good reason. All you need is two metal plates to hang up and you can use them for books and pictures frames. You can even hang some pegs on the lower part of the shelves and use them to hang anything you want to get out of the way, like coffee mugs, handbags, or scarves.

It’s Fun! Try A Hack Today

While there are effective and easy solutions like finding a storage company in Doha through ServiceMarket, we have to admit it is enjoyable to try some of these tricks and tips yourself. So save some space and transform your home!

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