How Do I Ship Large Furniture in Dubai?

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Furniture shipping in Dubai involves multiple tasks. The thought of packing stuff and shifting it could overwhelm you. However, getting services from furniture movers in Dubai will rid you of this stress.   

Shipping is not a one-man show. It involves careful planning, packing, loading, and then unloading, unpacking, and setting everything in your new place. While you might be able to move small objects yourself, the larger ones definitely require teamwork. Therefore, you should look for experienced furniture movers in Dubai to have a stress-free move.  

Choosing the Right Furniture Movers in Dubai 

Choosing the right movers is crucial in the shipping process. The fate of your undamaged goods lies in the hands of the service providers you choose. You might want to select movers that provide a pickup option as delivering large furniture yourself may not be feasible. Furthermore, you can even open accounts with certain companies to check if they offer any discounts or perks to their regular members or not. 

Know What Types of Shipping Boxes You Need 

The first step of your shipping process requires you to measure your furniture to determine the size of the box you will be needing for packing. Depending upon the size of your furniture, you might even need to get a custom box made. These custom boxes are made of corrugated sheets that can be crafted as per your requirement. 

Apart from measurements, the box type also depends upon the distance to be covered and the type of object. If it is a fragile piece of furniture like a dressing table with a mirror, it is better to cover it in bubble wrap before boxing it. 

Oftentimes furniture pieces have parts that are detachable. You must inspect your furniture for any such parts and remove them with help from the movers before they are packed. This can save your furniture’s delicate pieces from breaking. However, if your furniture is undetachable, you should get the fragile parts wrapped in bubble or foam wrap to prevent damage.

Don’t Hesitate to Ask for Additional Wrapping

Boxes alone do not ensure the security of your furnishings. To add a protective layer, the objects should be packed in styrofoam and taped so that they stay in one place. After the styrofoam packing, the pieces can be put into boxes as the final shipping package. You will have to pay emphasis on the box to be securely taped by the service providers. 

Get Polypropylene Strapping for More Protection

When you look for furniture movers in Dubai, you probably aim at finding the most reliable one. But even so, due to unforeseen circumstances accidents may happen at any stage of the furniture shipping so you need to be prepared. To ensure that your boxes remain intact and secure, consider strapping all sides of a box with polypropylene ropes. Or your service providers might already do this for you. 

Measure and Weigh the Package

Measuring and weighing the package will direct you towards what type of transportation you need and consequently the company that will provide this service. Furthermore, it will help you determine the cost of shipping. 

The heavier the package, the higher the cost of shipping will be. Moreover, different companies offer different rates. It is best to do your research and compare rates from various companies and finalize the one that offers the best value for money and is also within your budget.


It takes a lot of effort and willpower to get into the moving mindset. But once you put your mind to it, the process becomes easy. The thought of doing it all alone can be frightening. Therefore, it never hurts to seek help from professional furniture movers in Dubai. Check out ServiceMarket now to get quotes or book a furniture moving company that meets all your requirements.

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