How Often Should You Hire Cleaners in Jeddah?

Cleaners in Jeddah

No matter how much you want to tackle cleaning chores after you complete the rest of your responsibilities for the day, there often isn’t enough time to get it done. This is precisely why you need to find the right cleaning services in Jeddah to help you keep your home in good condition throughout the week. But how often do you need to book professional cleaners? The answer to this question depends on your lifestyle and needs. Consider the following factors to figure out how often you should hire cleaners in Jeddah. 

Size of your family

If you have a large family and are working parents, you probably won’t have enough time or energy to complete daily chores like making the beds and vacuuming and would need multiple cleaning sessions every week. Consider booking cleaning services four times per week. The same frequency is recommended for homes with pets as they tend to get messy and dirty quickly. On the other hand, if you live alone is just with your spouse, a weekly or fortnightly booking might suffice.   

Size of your home

Whether you have a large family or not, you might need multiple cleaning sessions every week if you have a big home. A villa with multiple bedrooms requires a lot of cleaning, whereas, depending on your lifestyle and family size a studio or one-bedroom apartment can be maintained with weekly or even bi-weekly cleaning.  

When you have guests 

If you have guests staying in your home, it is recommended that you book a cleaning service several times a week. You’ll be facing more laundry and dishes during this time, so extra help can make your life easier and you would be able to spend more time with your guests.

After you’ve been away

If you have ever left your Jeddah apartment empty for a few days, you must have noticed the buildup of dust on various surfaces around your home. Even if you close every window and door, you might still come back to find shelves and floors covered with dust and sand. As soon as you get back, you should get professional cleaning services in Jeddah to clean your home from top to bottom. 

Before a special event  

Hosting a birthday party or family dinner at your house? This is the perfect time to book professional cleaning services to ensure that your home is spotless. 

Lifestyle considerations 

You also have to think about your lifestyle while making this decision. For example, you would need more cleaning sessions if your friends hang out at your place quite often. But if you spend very little time at your house or enjoy tidying up, decluttering and cleaning the home on your own, then just a couple of cleaning session every month may be enough.

Your budget 

You also have to take into account the monthly budget you’ve set for cleaning. If you want to save money, consider going for the discounted monthly payment plan which starts at SAR 575 + VAT for a cleaning service of 4 hours every week. 

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