How to Ship Your Car to and from Dubai

car shipping in Dubai

You have finally bought your dream car – your Porsche Cayenne, your Range Rover, or your Dodge Challenger. But now you are moving abroad. It’s not easy to part ways with your baby. So, you’re probably thinking of taking her with you and you should! The process isn’t that difficult. We’ve outlined everything you need to know about car shippingΒ inΒ Dubai (both FROM and TO Dubai).Β 

6 Steps to Car Shipping From Dubai, UAEΒ 

Exporting your car from Dubai is super easy. You just need to make sure you have all the right documents to save you any additional trips! The first basic requirement for shipping anything out of the country is to have a valid passport and UAE visa. These two documents are needed everywhere for everything. Therefore, it’s best to take care of them!Β 

Now begins the process. Drive your vehicle to your nearest Road Transport Authority (RTA) office (Umm Ramool, Al Qusais, Bur Dubai, or Al Barsha offices).

Once there follow these steps:

1. At the RTA office premises, remove your license plates (front & back) before you go in. But be sure to carry them with you.

2. The first document to get is an Export Insurance Certificate that costs about AED 70. This is the 14-day insurance period within which you must ship your car.

3. Next, begin the de-registration process. You must have the following items with you:

  • Your Export Insurance Certificate
  • Your vehicle registration card
  • Driving license
  • Your vehicle’s number platesΒ 
  • A mortgage release letter if that applies to you

4. After you submit the documents, pay AED 90 to get the final document, the Export Certificate that allows you to export your car.

5. With the Export Certificate in hand, collect your new blue export license plates from the next counterΒ 

6. Fit the new plates on right away

That’s all! You can now move your car for your next adventure.

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Important Points Regarding Car Shipping in Dubai:

  • Make arrangements to have your car shipped within 14 days of obtaining the important documents. We can help you get quotes from some of the most reputable car shipping companies.
  • Do not ship your car with items inside as this is a huge insurance risk, and it’s not permitted.
  • Your shipping company or freight forwarder mustΒ inform you about draining the fuel tank and disconnecting the battery for fire prevention.
  • Some countries have very high customs duties and taxes for imported cars. Make sure you are clear about these extra charges before you plan to ship your car.

4 Steps to Car ShippingΒ to Dubai, UAE

Importing your car to the UAE also follows similar simple procedures as exporting it from the country. You should make multiple copies of your Emirates ID, passport, and UAE residence visa if you have arrived in the UAE for the first time. Also, you should always carry a little stack of passport-sized photos with you. Trust us, you will need these documents for everything! Here are four steps to ship your car to Dubai.Β 

#1. Get Your Vehicle Ownership Certificate

The first document you should be sure to bring with you to the UAE is your original purchase invoice. It’s called the β€œVehicle Ownership Certificate.” This will prove that the car is yours. The invoice needs to state the value of your car so that duties and taxes can be applied. They are usually calculated at 5% of the invoice value.

#2. Pay Customs

You need to pay customs clearance charges which are approximately AED 4,700 (USD 1250). This will be in addition to the AED 700 for container examination.

#3. Obtain Your Vehicle Clearance Certificate

You will require the Vehicle Clearance Certificate to release your car from the port. You can get this document from the Road Transport Authority (RTA) at the cost of AED 60. This certificate indicates that your car meets the UAE specifications, and can now be cleared through customs. You can then register it with RTA. If you are not in the country, you can request an agent or your moving company can apply for the certificate on your behalf. However, note that they may charge you an extra fee.

#4. Register Your Car at RT

Finally, you need to register your car at RTA to receive your local license plates and get a valid UAE driving license. If you have a valid driving license from theΒ approved countries list, you can simply follow the procedure to get it. Otherwise,Β you will need to take a road test, plus a few classes at any RTA-approved driving school, and follow the listed procedures.


If you haven’t begun the process of car shipping in Dubai yet and are looking to get UAE-based moving companies, we can help. Just head on to ServiceMarket and get quotes for shipping your car from Dubai to any destination of your choice!

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  1. Mohammad wasif raza

    Good morning . My name is muhammad wasif i am living in riyadh KSA . if i want to buy use car from dubai what is the process , like i want to buy Toyota Camry 2013 ,
    how much the all charges to bring car from dubai to riyadh . wait for your reply .

    1. Hi Muhammad,
      If you’re looking for a used car then we can recommend – they are a great website for finding secondhand cars in Dubai. The charges to take the car from Dubai to Riyadh depend on how you want to transport it. It may make sense to either drive the car yourself or get the car transported by road. You can get quotes for this on our website. Our partners will be able to answer any questions you have about transporting the car, including the required documentation and the fees involved.

  2. IH,
    Sir my job in Qatar. Me one car shopping in Qatar.
    This Car me send in Pakistan by much total payment with tex .or by Air me sending
    What is same payment with tex.
    Thank you

  3. Shahzad shoukat

    Sir my czan want to send vehicle from Dubai to Pakistan what documents needed & what I need to do in Pakistan for bring vehicle in pakistan

    1. Hi Shahzad,
      Please enter the details of the car on our car shipping page. You will then be contacted by car shipping companies who can provide you with quotes for shipping the car, and answer all the questions you have about the required documentation and the process.

  4. Hi There,
    We are planing to leave the UAE for good in summer and want to drive back home to Germany by car. 3 years back when we came to Dubai, we got our car shipped from there, so its originally from Germany. So our plan is to take the ferry to Iran and than drive through Iran, (maybe Aserbaidschan and Armenia) than Turkey and than to Greece to reach the EU. What do we need to make this trip possible (apart from visa for Iran and Turkey) in terms of papers, insurance, plates for the car (We have all German passports).

    1. Hi Razvan,

      You can submit a request on in order to get quotes from multiple shipping companies. These shipping companies will be able to explain the process to you in detail.


  5. Dear sir.
    i want to take my car from dubai to doha. can i drive my car along with necessary documents. it’s feasible or not?
    what are the documents i should keep that time.
    kindly advice me

    1. Hi Mani,
      It is certainly possible to drive your car from Dubai to Doha. You will need to visit an RTA office to get an export certificate and any other required documents beforehand. You will need a Qatar ID, driver’s license and a Saudi visa as you would need to pass through Saudi to reach Qatar. You would need to clear the car once you reach the border of Qatar and there are clearing services on the border itself who offer this service.

  6. Thanls for th massive info.
    I want to know the estimated cost of the shipping of my car from Dubai to Malabo Equatorial Guinea AfricaPls let me know also the possible agancies to help me with
    Thakns a lot

  7. Hi I want to ship my car to Nepal permanently….what is the process and how much will it cost…and how many days it will take to reach Nepal…Thanks

    1. Hi Rajesh,

      Please submit a request for quotes on our website. You will receive multiple quotes from our partner companies which will include details of how much time it will take (this can differ depending on the route).


  8. Hii I need to export my car to do some modification in Europe and import it again to Dubai, what is the required documents and what if RTA doesn’t approve the clearance certificate when they do the inspection..?

    1. Hi Marciano,

      Please enter your car’s details on our website. You will then be contacted by multiple reputable car shipping companies who would be able to offer you the best advice regarding the modifications to your car. It is also a good idea to double check with the RTA that the modifications you plan to do are allowed in Dubai. Remember that it is expensive to ship a car, so you would most probably save money by doing the modifications in the UAE if possible.


  9. Hi, I would like to ship my new BMW to Dubai from Belgium. How much can this totally cost me and how long will this process take? Thx!

    1. Hi Sara,
      The process would take around 4-6 weeks. Shipping your new BMW is likely to cost something between 12-20K AED, excluding taxes and duties, but you can get accurate quotes from multiple shipping companies by entering your details here.

    1. Hi Keith,
      I have sent you an email with contact details for one of our partners who will be able to offer you the best advice. You can also use ServiceMarket to get competitive quotes for car shipping.

  10. Hi Gordon,

    I want to take my car with me to Spain as i plan to move there next summer. I have a 2012 volvo x90. How much will it roughly cost for the entire process including shipping and registering the car in Spain. Appreciate your help

    1. Hi Patrick,

      You can submit a request to receive quotes to move your car to Spain on our website. You will need to specify details of the car and you will then receive accurate quotes from reputable companies.

      Let us know if we can help with anything else.


  11. Mohamad Al Zein

    Hello there!

    What does it cost to send one porsche 911 from Dubai to Bremerhaven in Germany ? please tell me some prices.


    1. Hi Mohamad,

      You’re looking at a cost somewhere around 9,000 – 12,000 AED, excluding taxes and duties. If you specify your car’s details on our website you will recieve accurate quotes from multiple shipping companies.

      Have a great day.


  12. What if i have to drive the car myself on export number plate? Will i need the oman driving license or can i just drive with uae DL. I have the Oman Visa & resident card.

    1. Dear Varun,

      We are not sure whether you need an Oman driving license when moving to Oman. We advise you to check with the authorities in Oman.

    1. Dear Said, estimated cost is between 17,000 and 23,000 AED – however you can file a request for car shipping quotes to get the exact cost!

  13. Hi ,
    I want to take my car for a month from Dubai to Lahore Pakistan as I am going for vacations , and bring it back after my vacations end is it possible ? How much it charge and what documents needs to submit.

    1. Hi Mir,

      due to the adaptations required for your Dubai car to be useable in Lahore (left hand drive vs right hand) plus high custom duties, it would not be advisable to do so. It can cost up to 20,000AED to ship your car plus custom duties.

    2. José Aleixo da Conceição Seborro

      Please i want to nwo if Is possible take my car FromDubai to Portugal for Holidays 3 months afther I bring back Againe in Dubai

      1. Dear Jose, a round trip may prove to be quite expensive and just transporting your car to Portugal would take a month or so. It is possible, but not recommended!

  14. Dear

    I want to ship my Dubai car to Jordan for a couple pf months during this summer.

    How do I go on about that?
    Where do I get a TripTic and what else do I need?
    How much does a TripTic cost?
    Do you know of any reliable shipping companies to contact?


  15. Hi there!

    If I’m looking to move my car for a year to a different location and bring it back…does the process differ?

    Will I have to re-register my car?

    1. Hi Saeb,

      Yes, the process is different depending on the location. You can temporarily export your car using a trip ticket, but it depends on where you are going and the duration of your trip. Please get in touch with us at 044229639 and we will gladly help you get quotes and more information from our trusted car shipping partners.

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