How to Keep Bed Bugs Away from Your Mattress

bed bugs control in Dubai

If not treated timely through pest control services, bed bugs in your Dubai home can become your worst nightmare. These bugs can keep you up at night and leave you with itchy bites to deal with during the day. Many people act when it’s already too late and the only option left is to call a pest control company. 

It is not easy to get rid of bed bugs because they often hide out of sight and are tough enough to survive for up to a year without feeding. So, instead of waiting until you see bite marks in the morning, it’s better to take steps and go for professional bed bugs control in Dubai. 

Tips for Bed Bugs Control in Dubai

Here are some tips to keep those pesky bed bugs away from your mattress!

Keep It Clean

You can avoid bed bug infestations by regularly cleaning your mattress. The easiest way is to just vacuum it, but you can be more thorough by having it steam cleaned, which makes the mattress too hot for the bed bugs to survive.

Let It Sit In the Sun

Another easy way to make sure that you routinely deal with bed bugs is to heat up your mattress in the sun. Bed bugs cannot survive temperatures above 48 degrees Celsius, so simply leave it in direct sunlight for a day. You can do this once every month to be on the safe side.

Inspect Regularly

It is easier to deal with bed bugs in the early stages of infestation. Keep an eye open to detect signs of a bed bug infestation. The common signs include bite marks when you wake up, a musty smell in the room, and stains on your mattress.

Seal Hiding Places 

Bed bugs will not be able to enter your mattress if there are no openings. Fix all holes and openings in your mattress as soon as you notice them. The best and most effective solution is to keep your mattress in a zipped-up mattress cover, which prevents bed bugs from getting in and out.

Don’t Buy a Second-Hand Mattress 

Second-hand mattresses can be infested with bed bugs. Even if you don’t see any signs of infestation, remember that bed bugs could be hiding somewhere deep in the mattress or might have laid some eggs in it. The money you save by buying a secondhand mattress is not worth it because you may end up spending more on a pest control service.

Be Careful While Traveling

Even one bed bug can infest a whole house. If you travel a lot, you can easily give bed bugs a ride to their new home: your mattress. Be extra careful if you think the hotel room you stayed at was infested. Travelers often go to sleep as soon as they arrive home and their luggage is tossed on a sofa. That’s how bed bugs get a chance to infest your home. 

After coming back home, clean your luggage and clothes with a vacuum cleaner before going near your bed or sofa. The best way to remove bed bugs from your clothes is to leave them in hot water for at least an hour.


Since these stubborn pests are difficult to deal with, it is essential that you hire professionals to do it for you. Bugs can hide deep within your mattresses making it hard to reach or even find them. So, if you already have a bed bug infestation, get in touch with ServiceMarket and book bed bugs control in Dubai from certified pest control companies.

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