Guide to Finding Part-Time Babysitting Services in Dubai

Babysitting in Dubai

Many families in Dubai hire nannies to take care of their children. It’s hardly surprising; keeping a full-time job without someone to help you with looking after your kids can be difficult. In addition, expats often don’t have family members in Dubai to help out, so they need a part-time babysitting service soon after they arrive. ServiceMarket has put together this guide to make sure you can quickly and easily find good part-time babysitting services in Dubai. Make sure also to read our latest updated article on the topic here : Β 

  • Consider the size of the company: Not only are bigger companies often more likely to have experienced babysitters, but they will also be able to quickly find a substitute if your usual babysitter is on leave.
  • Ask them to send the same babysitter: It takes time for children to get comfortable with a babysitter. If the company keeps sending new babysitters to your home, your kids might find the experience distressing. Share your schedule with the company and make sure they assign a babysitter who will always be available when you are away from home.
  • Check references: You should always ask your babysitter to produce references to ensure that you are putting your kids in the care of a reliable person. Talk to some of the references to learn about their experience with the babysitter. Another approach is to ask your friends and family to recommend a babysitter. Knowing that other people have had a good experience with your babysitter will also help to put your mind at ease.
  • See the babysitter’s resume: In addition to checking the babysitter’s references, you should also see their resume to see their education and certifications. After all there may be days when they might end up spending more time with your kids than you do. Your kids will learn a lot from them in your absence, so the education and experience of the babysitter really matters. Β Β 
  • Interview the babysitter: You can request the babysitter to come in for a short interview. Some parents even ask babysitters to come in for a day when they are home to make sure that they are the right fit and that the kids are comfortable.
  • Book in advance: It can take the company a few days to find and assign the right babysitter for your kids, so try to book a babysitter at least a week before you need to be away from your kids.
  • Feel free to switch: If you feel that your kids are not comfortable with a babysitter, you can ask the company to send a different babysitter to your home. You can also try a few different babysitting services and ask your kids to pick their favorite babysitter.

If you are finding it hard to find an affordable and reliable nanny, just visit ServiceMarket and easily book a babysitter now from reputable babysitting companies. Β 

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