How Much Should I Tip? Your Guide to Tipping in Dubai

Irrespective of how frequently you visit restaurants, avail home cleaning services, or get a fresh haircut, deciding how much to tip can be challenging in Dubai. It can be even more difficult if you are new to the city, as tipping traditions vary from country to country.   

A 10% tip on a restaurant bill is seen as pretty standard in most cities, but in others, it can be taken as an insult to the waiter. The same is the case when it comes to home cleaning. It can be difficult to figure out how much to tip when you book a professional cleaner in Dubai. This blog will help you determine how much to tip for various services.

The General Tipping Habits in the UAE

 Here are general tipping habits of people in the UAE:

  • The UAE residents are great tippers. About 78% tip β€œevery time” or β€œmost of the time”.
  • Quality of service matters to UAE residents, as 12%only give tips when the staff does an exceptional job. For them, the amount depends on how happy they are with the service.  
  • Tipping should be optional. The majority of residents would be less likely to give a tip if the company added the tip to the bill automatically.
  • Half do not like to do the math. 50% of the UAE residents pay the same amount each time instead of calculating the tip as a percentage of the total bill amount.
  • Group tipping varies. When going out in a group, 39% of residents usually split the tip amount between themselves.

How Much to Tip in Dubai

Confused about what to tip the next time you go to a restaurant, hail a cab, or avail cleaning in Dubai? Here is your handy guide.

Restaurant Staff 

Many people think that they do not need to tip if the bill includes service charges. However, the service charges are usually kept by the restaurants and not distributed among the staff. So, be sure to tip the waiters even if there are service charges. The customary amount is between 10% to15% of the bill. Some places keep a tip jar on the counter. If that is the case, then you do not need to hand out money directly to the person serving you, instead just drop some money in the jar.

Taxi Drivers 

Many Dubai residents also choose to give tips to taxi drivers. If you must, keep the amount between AED 3 and AED 30.

Hairstylists & Spa Staff 

While it is easy to find good hairstylists in Dubai, a lot of people keep going back to the same hairstylist so that they do not have to worry about something going wrong or repeating instructions. You can either tip 10% to 15% of the bill. 

Supermarket Staff 

Many people choose to ask one of the staff members at the supermarket to help them pack and bring the groceries to their cars. Small change should suffice as a tip for such services. 

Delivery Drivers 

There is often a small fee for delivery of items to your home. If you do not want the drivers to fumble through their pockets to look for change and want to show appreciation for their service, round it up to the nearest currency note and let them keep the change.

Home Cleaning Staff 

It is also customary to give a tip of AED 20 – 50 to the staff that provides home services in Dubai such as cleaning, maintenance, moving, or painting. You can refer to our article on how to tip professional cleaners in Dubai for more details.

Valets, Bellhops, and Housekeeping Staff 

In Dubai, the standard tip for valet service, bellhops, and housekeeping is between AED 5 and AED 20 per night of stay. You can make the tip more substantial if you are carrying lots of heavy luggage. Some people also leave a tip in their hotel room for cleaners.

Be sure to treat the service staff with respect, and show gratitude by tipping those who serve you in Dubai, that also include home cleaning and other services.

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