You Won’t Believe What We Just Did

Big news from us here at

The wait is over – we can now share with you a wonderful announcement, one that marks a new trajectory for our company.

We have changed our name to ServiceMarket.

Read on to see what our new name is, and why we’re changing it, from our founder, Bana Shomali.

A small startup with big ambitions.

In 2013, we had a simple goal to make moving in the UAE a lot less stressful. With a single idea, we launched a site called, which helped customers get free quotes from qualified movers.

Driven by positive customer feedback, we started adding more services to our site. If people moved, then surely they needed help cleaning, painting, and maintaining their new home? And so our journey to becoming an online marketplace for many home services began.

This year we have helped 50,000 UAE residents find a qualified mover, painter, cleaner, handyman or insurance provider.

Today, our customers can book and get quotes for many services, including cleaning, painting, pest control, handyman services and most recently, car and home insurance.

So far in 2016, we have helped over 50,000 UAE residents fulfill their home service needs online. This traction is what allowed us to secure a multimillion dollar investment from a global venture capital firm this September.

We are changing our name, and here’s why:

While our brand name “MoveSouq” gave life to our small startup, it has become too narrow to represent the wide variety of services we currently offer. We wanted our name to reflect our position as the Number 1 site for home services in the Middle East.

Therefore, we have taken the bold decision to let go of our name, and jump into the future with a new name – one that reflects all that we can offer.   

MoveSouq has changed its name to ServiceMarket.

A simple and bold new name that tells you that yes, if you need that service, we are either already providing it or we’re working very hard to offer it to you shortly.    

You’ll find us adding new exciting services to our site. Soon you’ll find curtain designers, interior designers, caterers, photographers, pet groomers and more coming to the site. We’ll also be coming up in new cities very soon. In addition to Dubai, we want to offer our full suite of services in Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Ras Al Khaimah and Doha.

We will also invest in improving our technology and customer experience. We want to be known for delivering a consistent premium quality service to all customers, whether they reach out to us on their PC, smart phone, or call us over the phone.  

Spread the word. Share the news.

We’re launching a campaign this week to introduce our name to the UAE. So please look out for our advertisements on the radio, on billboards, and on your social timeline, and help us spread the word.  

A big thank you to our customers for believing in us.

I’d like to take this opportunity to thank our customers for believing in us. Every one of you have made our day when you have used our service. We hope to continue serving you with the same passion that we had back in 2013, which has only grown day by day.

From myself, and the entire team at ServiceMarket, thank you!

Bana Shomali

Founder – ServiceMarket