Moving from Dubai: All You Need to Know About FCL, LCL and Groupage Shipments

After surveying your belongings, your international movers and packers in Dubai will recommend the best shipping option for you. Depending on the size of your cargo, delivery date and other preferences, it may be FCL, LCL or Groupage. The experts at TransOn (Removals Division of Manchester Shipping) and ServiceMarket and have put together this guide to help you understand the three most widely used shipping options. 

Full container load (FCL)

You have the option to ship your belongings in a full container, which comes in two standard sizes: 20 ft or 40 ft long. You won’t be sharing the container with anyone else, which means that if you don’t have enough items to load the container to its full capacity, some of the space will go to waste. You’d have to pay for the full container even if half of it is empty. This service is suitable for people who have enough items to fill a full container or have very sensitive items and don’t want to share the space with anyone else.  

Less than container load (LCL)

If your shipment size is not large enough, you can use the less than container lead (LCL) option. As the name suggests, you will be using a portion of the container and charged for the amount of space you use. After your household goods are packed, they are crated in wooden boxes (also known as lift-vans). Your shipment might be handled by a 3rd party if you opt for LCL. Several LCL shipments are collected and then loaded into a full container. Be sure to get your items professionally packed by experts who can anticipate the potential problems of a shared cargo load. Similarly, robust packing will protect against sharp, large objects, etc. Keep in mind that LCL is more expensive than Groupage because of the fee charged by the middleman, loading goods into wooden crates can have additional costs, and the volume of your goods increases when they’re placed into lift-vans. You also have no control over what other types of items are placed next to your belongings in the container. The main advantage it has over Groupage is that it usually takes less time and your international movers and packers in Dubai will be able to give you an approximate delivery date. 


If multiple customers want to ship their goods to the same destination, then the moving company can load them into a single container. Goods are collected from different clients and held in a warehouse until there is enough cargo to fill a full container. Groupage is more affordable compared to LCL, but takes longer because the container is shipped when it’s fully or almost fully loaded, which can take weeks. This option is convenient if you do not require your shipment to arrive by a specific time. It’s recommended that you consult your moving company to get an exact estimate and find out which option would be better for you. 

An international move is an exciting time for the family but the amount of work involved can be intimidating. You can make the process smoother and hassle-free by hiring the best international movers in Dubai like TransOn (Removals Division of Manchester Shipping) through ServiceMarket. 

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