The Art of Adapting to a Foreign Culture: Riyadh to USA

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Moving to a foreign country can be a difficult experience if you aren’t prepared. Anytime you have to go through change and readjustments, you will feel like you are struggling. There are some ways, however, to make the readjustment process smoother and easier for you and your family. ServiceMarket provides you with the following tips to make your relocation from Riyadh to the States as comfortable as possible.

Be Open Minded

Everyone has their own way of thinking that is shaped by their personality, as well as their culture. When you move to a foreign country with a highly multicultural population like the United States, you will notice that everyone will think differently than you. Try to understand that all people are unique and have a special way of doing things. Keep an open mind and Β remember that the differences between people are one of the things that will make your stay in the USA enjoyable. Remember that not everyone will understand you, and that is totally okay. Be sure to pass on this open mindedness to your children by encouraging them to be friends with all kinds of people.

Be Who You Are

Always stay true to who you are. Sure, it can be easier to adapt if you completely assimilate American culture. However, after living in the United States, you will come to realize that people actually appreciate and prefer to be around genuine people. Remember that adapting to a place never means leaving your authenticity behind. This point is especially important if you have kids. Let your kids know its okay to be themselves and it is better to have friends who like you for who you are because those friendships last longer.

Mingle with Different People

The United States is an ocean of all types of people. Try to get to know everyone! It is a great opportunity to learn about new cultures and understand how other people adapt to America. Try to go out with people from work, find out where people hang out, go to events, and partake in activities. Also, if your kids make friends in school, try to get to know the parents. It can be tempting to want to latch on to people with the same background as you, and you can, but also enjoy getting to know different people.

Eat the Food!

A big part of American culture is the food. Each area of the country is famous for a certain type of cuisine. Consider dinning at local eateries. The local food will help you understand the area’s history and roots. Understanding a place’s history will give you a better appreciation of the people and make you feel more at home.

Learn the Lingo

What you’ll find when you move to the United states is that each area has a specific accent and its own slang terms. The language is a representation of the history of the people in the area. Using the local dialects and actually understanding what other people are saying will definitely make your move easier. It’s also not a bad idea to learn the local dialect so that you are able to understand your children when they inevitably start speaking it as well.

Keep Connections Back Home

One very easy mistake a lot of people make when they move is to focus on where they are now. Moving overseas can be very lonely at first even with your family. Keep in touch with family and old friends back home. This will make you feel more normal and less like a foreigner. This will also keep you from getting home sick because you’ll always feel like you are up to date with everything going on back home.

Keep Doing the Things You Love

When you move to the United States, make sure you maintain your life routine, and keep up with your hobbies. These two things will help you feel normal in a foreign country. Keeping up with old hobbies and sports will also help you be part of a new community.

Moving abroad is tough for most people, but with time it becomes easier. Always try to remember that change takes time to get used to. While dealing with all the new changes, it is best not to have any other stressors. Opt to use professional international movers in Riyadh to help you make the big move. To find the best international relocation companies in Riyadh for your move to the United States, visit ServiceMarket.

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