How to Pest-Proof Your Jeddah Home

Pest control in Jeddah

Are you reaching out to pest control companies in Jeddah to tackle an infestation and wondering if there’s anything you could have done to prevent it? Even some simple steps can be enough to keep pests away from your home. The pest control experts at ServiceMarket have put together a list of preventive measures you can take to avoid pest infestations in Jeddah. 

Seal and repair openings

The first thing you should do is seal any cracks or openings in your walls, especially around doors and windows. If you have sliding doors, the lining should be sealed properly. You should also consider adding sweeps to the bottom of your exterior entry doors. This way the gap between the door and the floor will be covered. Many of these critters live in ducts and ventilation systems, so be sure to keep all vent openings covered properly. These measures will do a lot in preventing pests such as rodents, ants and cockroaches from invading your home. It’s recommended that you hire a professional handyman to inspect, seal and repair all openings.  

Clean your kitchen regularly 

The best preventive measure is to keep your home clean and your kitchen is the place to start. Bugs, rodents, and other nasty creepy crawlies are attracted to the food in your house. If your kitchen is messy, pests infestations are inevitable. A quick clean each evening can go a long way in ensuring that your home stays pest-free.

  • Wash your dishes as pests may be attracted to the leftovers in your plates, pots and pans
  • Wipe down your counters to get rid of any crumbs
  • Keep all perishables in the refrigerator
  • Keep all dry foods (e.g. flour) in airtight containers
  • Sweep and vacuum regularly
  • Take out the trash several times a week

Fix leaks

After food, water is what pests are most attracted to. Pests love a cozy moist environment, so fix leaky pipes and make sure your freezer seals properly so that the ice doesn’t melt and leave a puddle underneath or behind your fridge. You should also check for water damage in your walls, ceilings and foundation. Keep the gutters clear and ensure that your pool and water features in the garden remain well-maintained. 

Keep your garden tidy

Make sure your garden is well-maintained and tidy. Pests like rats, mice, and snakes are likely to hide in long grass, underneath piles of leaves and in areas where plants are decaying. You can work with your gardener to eliminate their hiding spots.

Invest in an annual pest control contract

An annual pest control contract is the best way to keep pests away from your home. The pest control experts will take steps to help you get rid of and avoid the most common pests found in your area. With an annual pest control contract, help will be just a call away. What’s more, you can ask your pest control company to inspect your home to nip pest infestations in the bud. 

Be sure to do some comparison shopping through ServiceMarket to find the right pest control service in Jeddah. ServiceMarket only features vetted and licensed pest control companies.

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