REVEALED: The Most In-Demand Areas in Dubai: 2019 Edition

A new study by ServiceMarket, the UAE’s leading online marketplace for moving, cleaning and maintenance services, revealed that Dubailand has maintained its top position as the most popular area to move to in Dubai this year. Based on the analysis of thousands of moving requests placed through ServiceMarket in 2019, here’s a list of the top 10 areas in Dubai with the highest influx of residents. The study also highlights the shifts in moving-in and moving-out activity and draws comparisons with earlier findings. 

Top 10 areas in Dubai with the highest influx of residents

With 8.56% of all move-in requests, Dubailand continues to hold on to the top position which it had taken from Dubai Marina/JBR in 2017. Dubai Marina/JBR remained the second most popular neighbourhood in Dubai, and was followed Business Bay, DIFC, Downtown/Burj Khalifa, JVC, JVT, and Dubai Silicon Oasis. While Dubailand, a suburban area, has been experiencing the highest influx of residents, it is still closely followed by three established and densely-populated areas. However, Dubai Silicon Oasis, another suburban neighbourhood, has also emerged as one of the most popular areas in Dubai. 

Area % of Move-In Requests on ServiceMarket in 2019
Dubai Marina, JBR8.34%
Business Bay, DIFC, Downtown/Burj Khalifa7.77%
JVC, JVT7.05%
Dubai Silicon Oasis4.15%
Tecom(Barsha Heights), The Greens, The Views3.87%
Dubai Motor City, Sports City3.39%
Palm Jumeirah3.28%
Al Nahda3.04%

Why Dubailand continues to be the most popular area 

Since 2017, some of the more recently developed suburban areas like Dubailand have been seeing a greater influx of new residents than the more established, dense high-rise communities. Dubailand is a large area situated just off Sheikh Mohammad Bin Zayed Road and has been the most popular area in Dubai to move to for three consecutive years. The top five areas in Dubailand where people are moving to include Mira, Zahra, Remraam, Arjan and The Villa. Skycourts and Mudon are also popular communities within Dubailand. 

There are multiple reasons for Dubailand’s popularity, including lower rent rates and availability of more affordable freehold properties for purchase compared to areas such as Downtown and Dubai Marina. Besides getting better value for money, residents of this neighbourhood are also likely to face less traffic and can benefit from an abundance of new facilities like shopping malls, schools and theme parks. 

Another reason for why so many Dubai residents choose to move Dubailand is that it continues to release new new properties like the recently completed Arabella project in Mudon and a lot of projects are still under construction. In fact, it’s one of the areas where the most number of projects were launched this year.  

Why Dubai Marina and Downtown are still so popular 

While Dubailand and other newly developed suburban areas have been experiencing a higher influx of residents, many of the dense high-rise communities such as Dubai Marina, JBR, and Downtown are still very popular. That’s because these are central areas of Dubai with many residential buildings, shops, and restaurants. In addition, they’re in close proximity to the financial and business hubs in Dubai. Dubai Marina is located near Dubai Media City and Knowledge Village. Downtown is close to Dubai International Financial District and Dubai Design District. It’s also home to some of Dubai’s top attractions, e.g., Burj Khalifa, the world’s tallest building, and The Dubai Mall, one of the largest shopping malls in the world.   

Popular areas in Dubai with the highest retention rates

The study also revealed that a lot of Dubai residents just move within the same area, especially in Palm Jumeirah and Dubai Marina/JBR, where almost half the residents did so. Here are the top 5 popular areas in Dubai with the highest retention rates: 

Area% of Dubai Residents that Moved homes within the Same Area (Based on Moving Requests on ServiceMarket in 2019)
Palm Jumeirah50%
Dubai Marina, JBR49%
Business Bay, DIFC, Downtown/Burj Khalifa48%

Popular areas that experienced more influx than outflux 

With more influx than outflux of residents, Dubailand gained a significant number of residents in 2019. Other popular areas that grew in terms of the number of residents included JVC, JVT and Palm Jumeirah. 

Other interesting moving trends  

  • Over 53.26% of the influx of residents took place in just ten areas of Dubai. 
  • Dubailand, Dubai Marina, and Downtown have been the top 3 most popular areas in Dubai since 2017.
  • Around one-third of Dubai residents moved within the same neighbourhood. 
  • Almost half the residents in Dubai Marina, JBR, Business Bay, DIFC, Downtown/Burj Khalifa, and JVC, JVT moved within the same area. 
  • Dubai Marina and Downtown have been on the list of the top 5 most popular areas in Dubai for five consecutive years.

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