What Can Go Wrong If You Don’t Prepare for Your Move from Muscat?

international move from Muscat

If you don’t prepare for your international move from Muscat properly, the likelihood of something going wrong increases. But you can make the process smoother by taking some simple steps to avoid some of the common issues faced by those who are relocating. Check out the following list compiled by the experts at ServiceMarket.  

Incomplete documents

Arriving in a new city and finding out you’re missing a document or two can seriously ruin your moving plans. You might get stuck at the airport for until you acquire the missing documents. Create a checklist and look through it thoroughly, checking and double checking that you have all the needed travel documents.

Loss, damage, or theft

Insurance is essential for international moves. Some people don’t include it to save money, but it means that they won’t be compensated if their cargo gets lost, damaged, or stolen while it is en route to the new destination. Insurance offers you the peace of mind that you need during this hectic time. To ensure that everything goes smoothly, check that your international movers and packers have included transit insurance in the quote.


If your international movers are unreliable, then the changes of delays increase. The most ideal solution is hiring a quality international moving company in Muscat that will take care of everything for you from A to Z. ServiceMarket only features vetted and licensed international movers.  

Custom clearance issues

To avoid custom clearance issues and delays, make sure you’re not shipping anything forbidden to your destination. If your items are stuck in customs at the airport or port for a while, you might have to pay a hefty fine or penalty. Each country’s rules are different so be sure to do some research. If you hire a quality shipping company in Muscat, they can help you understand customs regulations of the destination country.


Contact your landlord or building manager to let them know that your international movers will be using the elevator on the moving day. In case your building doesn’t have an elevator, make sure you inform your moving company beforehand.

Inaccurate budget

Maybe you budgeted the move based on what you thought your cargo weighs, but the actual weight came up to be a lot heavier. This means the final cost will increase. For an accurate estimate, always make sure that your shipping company in Muscat sends over a representative to conduct a survey. Make your budget after you’ve received a detailed quote from your international mover.  

A premium shipping company can help you with packing and unpacking, furniture disassembly and assembly, and any other services you require on top of shipping your cargo. Read customer reviews and get free quotes from multiple international movers in Muscat on ServiceMarket.

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