The Psychological Benefits of Living in a Clean Home in Dubai

When you think about house cleaning, you hardly associate it with the concept of psychology, but experts have found a strong connection between the two. Getting your apartment or villa cleaned by a professional cleaning company in Dubai can make you feel happier, lighter and healthier. One reason for this is that having a more organised and tidy household can trigger the release of endorphins, similar to those that are released during exercise! We share the psychological benefits of living in a clean home below:

It means you’re active

Living in a clean home means you’re an active person. You’re washing, folding, tidying up, or making the bed at all times. Active people are reported to be more positive than those that don’t move around much. Think about how you feel after a whole day of sitting on the couch versus a day where you were physically active. Exercise doesn’t always have to be something strenuous like a hike or bike ride. Do yourself a favor and make your bed the moment you wake up and it will set the tone for the rest of the day! Even if you hire the cleaner in Dubai to regularly clean your home, you will find yourself clearing up some mess before the cleaners arrive, as do most people with hired help.

Clutter brings stress

Having multiple things around your home that you don’t use have been known to act as stressors. A study from Indiana University states that women with cluttered homes reported to be more depressed than women with organized and tidy homes. The former had high levels of cortisol that were keeping them from being happy. If you find this hard to believe, experiment on your own. Compare how you feel when you walk into a cluttered and disorganised home for a few days versus a well kept one. We are quite sure that a well kept home will put you at ease, while a messy and unclean one will make you feel off center and disoriented.

Get better sleep

The National Sleep Foundation reported that people who make their beds are 19% more likely to have better sleep. Once clean sheets are added to the mix, that percentage goes up to 75%. Send your bedsheets, pillow cases, and duvet covers to a dry cleaner at least once a month and see the difference it will have on your mood and sleeping pattern. Sleeping in a cluttered room also makes a perfect setting for restless sleep. Hire a good deep cleaning company in Dubai to help you clean and declutter and then feel the difference when you wake up each morning!

Having a clear mind

It’s not enough to get a deep cleaning company in Dubai to handle your entire home once every few weeks; you need to regularly declutter your personal belongings. A clean house means a clear mind. Go through your closet once a week as that’s where most people will find a bulk of things that they don’t use and can easily give away. If you haven’t worn something that is hanging in your closet in the past 6 to 8 months, it’s safe to say you’ve outgrown it, so give it away to someone that would make some use of it and clear your closet in the process.

It’s nice to be organised

Sometimes we forget how we feel when we’re organised and living in a decluttered and neat home. Once you’re done with the hassle and trouble of cleaning, you will immediately feel better and remember how nice it is not to trip over your things and what it’s like having perfectly clean windows without smudges and dirt blocking your views. This is especially true for parents who have a hectic work life.

Don’t stop socialising

Hosting becomes a hindrance when you think about all the deep cleaning and tidying you have to do beforehand. But when you don’t invite people over and stop socialising with friends and family, you can become withdrawn, depressed, and lonely. Life is always better with people around, so make your home inviting for others and you’ll notice how fun hosting can be!

No more fighting

There are thousands of reasons to keep your home clean, but one major point is you might be able to put an end to family arguments. Not to say it’s a fool proof solution, but people are always trying to escape from their chores by handing them off to someone else that doesn’t end up doing it and then a fight ensues. Keep the peace and call a qualified house cleaning company in Dubai to come in and take a load off everyone’s hands.

There you have it: hiring a professional cleaning service in Dubai will lead to less family drama, a clearer mind, and lots of health benefits. In addition, you get more time for socialising. It’s a no brainer and it’ll only take you a few minutes to check out the various cleaning companies in Dubai that partner with ServiceMarket.

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