Questions Every Renter Should Ask Before Moving into a New Dubai Home


Although local moving in Dubai can be tiring, it can also be an exciting experience. The rush and beauty of the big city can be both overwhelming and captivating. While mesmerized by the city and its sights, don’t forget to do important tasks that will ensure peace of mind and efficiency as you make your move. 

Remember to look for a reputable company to make moving in Dubai easier for you. Before you sign the rental agreement for your new home, there are a few things to take into consideration like rent in Dubai. Below are a few questions to ask your landlord:

How Much Is the Rent and What Does It Include? 

Increase in rent is usually regulated by RERA’s rental index instead of the landlord. Some rents include utilities and other services while others don’t, so be sure to have everything clarified before you sign the lease. You can look at rent prices in specific neighborhoods in this guide.

Are There Other Fees You Have to Pay? 

Some buildings require tenants to pay for parking spots, renovations, gyms, or other amenities. These add-ons can be quite expensive so you should make sure to know all the details before signing the rental agreement.

When Can You Move In and for How Long? 

Be sure to know exactly what date you can move in so that you can schedule it with your movers and packers in Dubai. You should also inquire about the lease length so that you can arrange your own personal time frame accordingly.

Is the Building Pet Friendly?

This is an important query if you have pets. Before moving in, it is essential to ask if pets are allowed in the building or not, so you can make timely arrangements for your fur buddy.

How Is the Neighborhood?

Knowing about the neighborhood is the most important thing especially, for those moving to Dubai from some other country. It should also be your question when moving locally so you get an idea of area safety and the type of people living there. If you have kids, find out if it is suitable for families with children. 

Who Pays for the Property Maintenance?

Your tenancy contract states what maintenance you are obligated to pay. This is a common misunderstanding between the renter and the landlord. Any major maintenance, typically above AED 500 usually comes under the landlord’s responsibility. However, the tenant is required to maintain the property in a good condition and take care of small fixtures and fittings. Still, it is better to confirm everything with the landlord. Additionally, you should also inquire about whether or not you can make changes and renovations to your new Dubai home and whether or not the cost of these changes will be split or subsidized.

How to Pay the Rent and When?

Another question you must ask is how you should pay the rent and when. Inquire about whether you could use a cheque for the payment or if they prefer any other method. Furthermore, ask about the date of the month you will be required to make the payment. Know what could happen if you are late on payments.

What About the Safety Deposit and How Do You Get It Back?

Be sure to also ask about the safety deposit and the agreement for getting it back. Be clear about the amount decided between you and the tenant as a safety deposit. It should be mentioned in the contract about when you can get it back and in what scenarios can there be a deduction.

Are Inspections Carried Out and When?

Finally, you should ask your landlord if there are inspections of the home and how often they occur. It is important to feel as though the apartment or house is your own and to have control over who enters it and when.


If after you ask all these questions you feel comfortable with the living situation, sign the lease. Being satisfied with the rent in Dubai and what you’re offered with it brings on the next step of planning your move. Make sure to hire the right movers in Dubai and to get appropriate cleaning services to freshen up the home before you move in. You can find all the services you require on ServiceMarket just by mentioning your moving date and location.

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