7 Apps to Help Children Learn

Apps to Help Children Learn

The younger generation are no stranger to technology. It’s certainly not unusual to find a 4-year-old playing with an iPad nowadays, and this is a subject often in the news. Is it right to expose children to so much technology and gadgets so early on? Does this make children less active and social? It’s a complex issue, but if you are on the side of technology, then rather than use it as a way to pass the time, you should consider using it as an aid to your children’s Β learning. There are thousands of educational apps that can be easily downloaded and used as a teaching aid! We’ve shortlisted a few of the best ones…

YouTube Kids

Age group: Preschool to Elementary

The first couple of years of your child’s life are essential in their development – this is when things will be making a lifelong impression on them. They’ll be learning quickly and will spend the rest of their years polishing their existing skills as well as acquiring new ones. Youtube can help in that developmental process. YouTube Kids is basically YouTube but with an educational twist: it focuses on age appropriate videos and provides the right type of entertainment as well as educational content for your child. So instead of letting them have reign over the TV remote and switch to any channel when you’re not looking, you can simply install this app and rest assured that they’ll be getting the wholesome content they need.

Pocket Code

Age group: Preschool to Elementary

Teaching kids can be a hassle, especially when you try to make them understand how things work in their day to day lives. This is where Pocket Code comes in. This app uses an interactive β€œdrag and drop” interface with fun graphics to teach kids the basics of programming and logic.


Age group: All ages

A classroom itself has several ethnicities and people with different beliefs being taught under the same roof equally. Knowing another language has become so important in so many ways. Why keep a translator or go out to take personal classes just to learn a language when you can do it wherever you please with Duolingo? This app allows you to learn the basics of 22 languages using more than 60 courses in a fun and easy way. Not only this, this app has an easy learning curve that lets even kids catch on to a new language incredibly quickly!

Dragonbox Series

Age group: Preschool to Elementary

There are two kinds of people in this world: those who love math and those who spontaneously burst into tears at the mere mention of it. But let’s face it, a lot of people run away from math simply because they find it too difficult and don’t understand the basics properly. Well, your child won’t have to go through that if they learn to love and understand math the right and fun way. The Dragonbox Series is a fun and educational app teaches about math, geometry and algebra through entertaining interactive games and activities.

Class Dojo

Age group: All Ages

Sometimes, day to day classes in your children’s respective institution is not enough for them to score those perfect grades. But if you can find a teacher who is willing to use Class Dojo, consider that headache gone! This app simulates a classroom environment and allows students to keep track of assignments, classes and coursework. Not only this, but it also allows them to interact with other students as a neat take on study groups. Moreover, even teachers can use this as a teaching assistant while posting and keeping track of assignments and other activities.

Khan Academy

Age group: All ages

Whether it’s Math, English, Chemistry, Economics, and whether it’s elementary or university, Khan Academy is there to help. Not only do they have their own YouTube series consisting of lectures and notes, they also have an easy app that provides you with thousands of lessons for free. So if you’re ever worried about those concepts your kids had missed when on sick leave, consider this incredible backup.

Wolfram Alpha

Age group: Highschool and above

This app has saved so many student lives (we’re talking from experience). We’ve all had those last night binge studying hours where we’d solve hundreds of questions in a last minute attempt to prepare ourselves for our exam in the morning. And while you’re doing this, you come upon a few questions that are absolutely mind boggling. But with Wolfram, we are now at rest. This app uses smart algorithms to solve any number of equations and gives detailed answers including step by step descriptions of how it got to that answer. Moreover, this app also generates graphs and performs related functions. In fact, this app is even used by Apple’s Siri!

So the next time your children have to miss a school day, or they come to you with an extremely puzzling math problem, you know where to turn to!

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