Swimming Pools & Home Insurance in Dubai

With warmer weather and summer vacations on their way, a pool can be a great way for the family to have fun. However, before you decide to build one or buy a house with a pool, you need to consider the risk and responsibility having a pool poses. With pools, you especially need to make sure your home insurance policy gives you the necessary coverage. Here are a few things you should keep in mind.

Talk to Your Insurance Provider

Firstly, let your house insurance company know about your plans so that they can guide you. You are liable for anyone who uses the pool (whether with your permission or without). Hence, it is vital that you understand what your current insurance policy would extend to having a pool or if you need to update it. This is important as insurance companies might not provide swimming pool coverage or might have some stipulations which you need to know and agree upon. And yes, declaring a pool probably means you will have to pay a higher premium but it is prudent and highly recommended to be covered for any damages or liability.  

Understanding Coverage – Pool Type

Insurance cover and claims for in-ground and above-ground pools might differ, and it might also vary from company to company. Above-ground pools are likely to be considered ‘portable’ and hence, personal property. This means you might not have to get any additional coverage, depending on your claim limit. For in-ground pools, however, insurance companies can either consider the swimming pool as part of the house or as an external or separate structure (like they would a tool shed). If it is the latter, you’re likely to have to pay more.

Understanding Coverage – Liability Claims

Under your home insurance policy, you will generally be covered for liability for any injuries or accidents related to your pool. This includes all times when your pool is being used, even if without your express permission or knowledge. However, you and your household are excluded from this. You would need to pay yourself or file a health insurance claim for your own medical expenses.   

Hence, talk to your insurance agent in detail and be aware of the extent of your liability protection. This way you can decide whether you need to increase your liability cover or purchase an umbrella policy to be adequately covered.

Understanding Coverage – High-Risk Features

Getting coverage for your swimming pool is not difficult but your home insurance company in Dubai might have some conditions that you will need to adhere to. For example, you cannot put in a claim for any damages due to your own neglect.

Similarly, there might be local laws you might have to comply with before you can take out an insurance policy on the pool. This could be safety features like having a proper fence around the pool or deck area etc. Then, insurance companies might also refuse to insure your pool if you have features like diving boards or slides as they could be dangerous and increase liability.

Being Safe

Whether your insurance provider requires it of you or not, you should make sure that you implement and follow safety procedures as much as possible. These can include:

  • Fencing the pool area with a proper gate and making sure there is nothing near the fence that a child could climb up.
  • Having slip-resistant edging around the pool is also a good idea.
  • There should always be adult supervision when children are in or near the pool.
  • Make sure kids using the pool know how to swim and have access to water wings and life jackets in case they are needed.
  • Every member of your household should take CPR classes. Keep emergency numbers and procedures handy and visible just in case, as well as a first-aid kit.

With great fun comes great responsibility. Swimming pools can be a great way to enjoy the hotter weather but it is vital that you are protected financially as well. You can ensure this by having the right coverage in your home insurance policy in place. You can use ServiceMarket to compare, buy and save on your home insurance in Dubai today.

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