The Cost of Men’s Salon at Home in Abu Dhabi

cost of men's salon at home

If you live in an expensive city like Abu Dhabi and wish to get services from a men’s salon at home, the first thing you may think about is your budget. However, the cost of men’s salon at home can be insignificant if you consider the priceless convenience and peace of mind that it offers. For men with busy work schedules, general grooming often gets neglected or takes the back burner. So, booking services from a men’s salon at home in Abu Dhabi can be ideal.

However, knowing the full cost of a service before you book it can help you plan your finances better. Here’s a list of at-home services and their price estimates.

The Cost of Men’s Salon at Home in Abu Dhabi – Most Popular Services

Looking for grooming services like waxing or barber home service or just want to relax with a body massage? All of that is possible if you book at-home services from professional salons. It sounds great and feels even better to get the same services in the comfort of your home. However, the cost can vary based on the type of service you book.

Here are a few of the most popular men’s salon services and their costs.

1: Hair Care Services


Men need a haircut every few weeks if they don’t want to look like a complete mess. However, you can’t just trust anyone with it because your hair can change your entire look. If you want a professional salon-like service, the haircut price in Abu Dhabi can be up to AED 99. The session usually lasts 30-minutes and can include a wash, a haircut or trim, and styling with a blow-dry. 

Hair Dye:

Coloring your own hair can often result in a disaster and the risk might not be worth it. You can get your hair colored in as little as AED 69 by professional groomers at home in Abu Dhabi. This way your hair is safe in the hands of a professional hair colorist and you can sit back and enjoy the service. 

2: Body Massages

If you want to relax at home after a long and tiring week, nothing is better than a massage on a weekend. After finishing up with a haircut for men at home, you can add a Deep Tissue massage to your service. The massage usually lasts for sixty minutes and can cost AED 300. There are other types of massages that you can book as well. So, get in touch with ServiceMarket and pick a massage of your choice from their menu. There are special massage treatments for sore muscles, aching joints, migraines, etc. 

3: Manicures and Pedicures

Men often don’t think of manicures and pedicures as essential grooming services. However, a men’s pedicure at home can be the most relaxing experience you can get. The service usually includes a massage, nail filing, cutting, foot scrub, and moisturizing treatment. A classic manicure and pedicure service can cost you around AED 90 each. However, you can get good deals online on a mani-pedi combo. 

If you want an extra special treatment that will help you relax, you can choose from these other spa treatments:

  • Callus treatment (Hands and Feet) – AED 125 each. 
  • Paraffin treatment (Combo) – AED 225.
  • Trim and File nails (Combo) – AED 50

4: Waxing and Threading Services


Waxing can be a time-consuming and painful process. Therefore, getting it at home might be ideal for many people. 

The cost of your waxing service depends on the area of the body and the duration of the session. Here is a list of waxing services along with their costs:

  • Nose – AED 35
  • Ear – AED 35
  • Full back – AED 200
  • Half back – AED 100
  • Eyebrows – AED 35
  • Forehead – AED 50
  • Full Face – AED 100


  • Eyebrows – AED 35
  • Forehead – AED 50
  • Full face – AED 100

5: Facials

Facials can be necessary for helping your skin look fresh and glowy. The Abu Dhabi sun can be brutal on men’s skin as well and here are some facials that they can get at home:

  • Cleansing facial – AED 100 
  • Full facial – AED 150
  • Full facial and mask – AED 199


Now that you know the cost of men’s salon at home in Abu Dhabi, it is time to schedule a session for the weekend. Finding the right salon service for you entails more than just picking up the phone. At ServiceMarket, we understand what you’re looking for when you want to book men’s salon at home in Abu Dhabi. So, let’s set you up with a reliable men’s salon at home now.     

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