The Maintenance Checklist: Know When to Call an Abu Dhabi Maintenance Company

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Residential maintenance in Abu Dhabi is important for homeowners to avoid issues like equipment or appliance failure, plumbing, etc. An Abu Dhabi maintenance company can help you take care of things in time. But before they come, have a checklist ready so that you or they do not miss out on anything important.

This blog enlists elements of home security, electrical wiring and appliances, plumbing, and structure maintenance (walls and floors of your home). So, when you plan the next home maintenance session with an Abu Dhabi maintenance company or do it on your own, you don’t miss out on anything important.

Home Maintenance Checklist

The benefit of making a checklist is that you can come back to it and nothing important is skipped. The following are the things you should check on a monthly, quarterly, or annual basis:

Home Safety and Security

The safety and security of your home should be on the top of your maintenance checklist. It is because resolving problems in due time can save you from many forms of damage. Therefore, your home security equipment should not be taken lightly. 

Check the following in your home safety and security arrangements: 

  • Test your smoke carbon monoxide detectors.
  • Change the batteries of smoke detectors quarterly. 
  • Inspect your security cameras and the quality of recorded footage at least once a month. 
  • Examine your door and window locks every month. 
  • Oil the deadbolt locks on doors and windows.

If any of the above shows signs of problems, make arrangements for repair or replacement.

Electrical Wiring and Appliances

Problems with electrical wiring and appliances usually come when you are least expecting them. Also, they can result in costly repairs and replacements. So, if you notice anything unusual with the electric outlets or appliances, make timely fixes to keep the problems from escalating. With routine maintenance, you can significantly reduce the chances of any level of electrical failure. Apart from avoiding problems, you can also increase the efficiency of your appliances. 

Following are the measures you should make every month: 

  • Inspect the electrical wiring for worn-out wires.
  • Change worn-out wires as they can damage the appliances.
  • Test the functioning of sockets and switches.
  • Replace flickering LED lights and bulbs. 
  • Vacuum the coils of your refrigerators to increase efficiency. 
  • Clean the AC filters every month. 
  • Service your AC quarterly or biannually for optimum performance. 

Plumbing (Taps, Drains, and More)

For year-round proper functioning of taps, water supply pipes, drains, and every in and out passage of water, plumbing maintenance is important. There are many DIY fixes you can do on your own to troubleshoot routine problems. However, complex issues may require the attention of a professional. But adding plumbing to your maintenance checklist can bring down the chances of bigger problems. 

Home Structure Maintenance (Floors and Walls)

Besides maintaining security, electrical wiring and appliances, and plumbing, it is also important to have maintenance of the walls and floors of your residence. Such maintenance can include repainting the walls, filling cracks, or simply a routine cleaning.

You can do the following things to maintain your floors and walls:

  • Check for cracks and damage to the paint quarterly and especially after rains. 
  • Fill the cracks with wall putty.
  • Scrape off the falling paint with fine sandpaper and repaint the surface. 
  • Use pest control sprays in case of termites.
  • Be careful to not drag heavy furniture and appliances on delicate floors. 
  • Clean the floors with mops and cleaners in routine. 
  • Deep clean the house at least once a month. 
  • Contact a handyman if there are any damages you cannot fix on your own.

How Can an Abu Dhabi Maintenance Company Help You?

When there are any damages or maintenance tasks you can’t do on your own, it is recommended to hire the services of Abu Dhabi maintenance companies. These companies have professional electricians, handymen, painters, carpenters, and plumbers, so they can provide the desired home maintenance services.


Maintaining different aspects of your house can save you from unannounced trouble. So having a simple checklist of things to take care of by yourself comes in handy. Also, knowing when to seek help from a professional Abu Dhabi maintenance company could also save you from things getting out of hand.

A lot of companies offer maintenance services. You can book a maintenance company in Abu Dhabi on ServiceMarket at some of the most competitive prices. It is wise to let professionals take care of your home maintenance.

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