Fighting Coronavirus: Top 5 Things You Need to Clean and Sanitize

We’re in the heat of a global health crisis that will go down in history for shutting down cities and economies all over the world. Cleanliness is one of the few weapons we have to fight the virus. The cleaner we are, the cleaner our homes and communal areas, the better we’ll be at fighting this aggressive virus. We’re being advised to wash our hands for at least 20 seconds and to not touch our faces without having first washed our hands or used hand sanitizer. But what other surfaces and things around us could we be forgetting? ServiceMarket has put together a list of 5 things you should clean and sanitize as soon as possible and regularly to stay healthy. 

Your phone 

Our phones are our lifeline in a time of crisis. In many cases, it’s such an extension of ourselves that we simply put down and pick it up without ever thinking about it. Of course, if you have to go into a public area, touch doors and objects there, and browse through your phone on the way home you’re likely to have skipped a step. This puts you at risk of transferring the virus to your phone and back onto clean hands, which is why it’s important to clean and disinfect your phones. 

Light switches 

Cleaning and disinfecting light switches is especially important if you still have to go to your office rather than staying at home, but is true wherever you are. When we come into our homes our hands hit the light switch before we get to wash our hands, and the same happens as we come in and out of rooms at work. We can easily forget to wash or sanitize our hands after touching a light switch, so be sure to wipe down light switches and use your elbow when possible. 

Door handles  

Another thing we touch so often is door handles. Many of us here in Dubai and in cities around the world live in apartment buildings, and have to touch communal door handles whenever we come and go within those spaces. Try to clean your hands often when moving around, wipe down all the handles that you use frequently. 

Security pin pads  

If you have to use a pin pad to get into work, into your building, or any other communal secure door or device, you need to think about its cleanliness. It would be all too easy to put in your pin to the building, step inside and rub your face without thinking. Instead, practice the same cleanliness you would with any door handle or light switch. 


We often use microwaves, kettles, fridge, washers and dryers without cleaning them for long periods of time. Make sure all the controls, knobs, buttons and handles on your appliances remain clean. The appliances we use in our daily routine are most likely to have been touched by others as well, so it’s important to disinfect them regularly. 

Again, clean these things whenever possible, even if you believe other people are also keeping them clean. It’s this level of vigilance that is going to help us stop the spread of the disease. 

This is a time in which we can all do our part in keeping our homes, things, and surfaces clean and practicing social distancing. With just a little extra caution and care, we can prevent this virus from infecting our loved ones. If you’re looking for an easy way to keep your home and workplace hygienic, then be sure to book a safe and licensed cleaning and sanitization service in Dubai through ServiceMarket today!   

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