Things to Consider Before You Mount a TV

There are many things to think of before you mount a television on a wall and start watching your favorite sports channel and TV shows on it. Sure, you have an eye on the television of your dreams and the budget to purchase it, but hold your horses! It’s best to think of a couple of things to avoid major disasters down the line. ServiceMarket, the UAE’s leading online marketplace for handyman and maintenance services, has prepared a list to help you make the right decision so that you get to enjoy your next big purchase with no regrets:

Is there space?

One of the first things to consider, is there space for the television on the wall? You probably want your TV mounted in the center of the living room, bedroom, or family area so everyone can see it from wherever they are sitting. It helps to measure the wall that you’ll be using before buying the television in order get the right size. However, if you already have the television and it’s not fitting into the room you want, you can always go back to the shop and ask for a replacement. There are usually trade in offers available so you won’t be losing money. 

Where will the cords go?

If you decide to mount your TV, you’ll need to conceal the cords attached to the television so the room doesn’t look untidy and in disarray. There are experts out there who know exactly what to do with the wires in order to hide them. It’s always complicated work getting the right wire in the right place which is why hiring a handyman in Dubai can save you a lot of work and stress.

Is the wall strong enough?

If you’re using drywall to mount your TV, it won’t be able to support the heavy weight. A TV mounting professional will be able to determine whether or not it could work by using other tools to mount the television. If they still can’t find a solution, then you’ll have to choose another location for your television set.

The right angle

Make sure that the way your television is mounted allows you to access the cords and slots easily and is close to an electrical outlet. If you get a handyman in Dubai to set the television up for you, get them to show you how to reach the wires without having to carry the TV down. It’s helpful to know this in case you want to add on a gaming console, DVD player, or a home theatre system later on. Another tip is to mount the television at eye level when you’re seated, since this gives you the optimal viewing experience.

Above the fireplace?

Many experts don’t suggest you mount your television above the fireplace since it might get damaged with the heat and soot. If you have a fireplace just for show, then you can use that location since it definitely would be an aesthetically pleasing spot.

Don’t DIY

Most people want to start a new year more organised and immersed in home improvement projects, but don’t choose the wrong projects to do yourself! A lot can go wrong if you decide to mount a television on your own if you have no prior experience or knowledge on the matter. Worse case scenario would be that the TV could fall or the wall could get damaged. Bring in a professional for some much needed assistance. If you do have an idea about what you’re doing, you should know that you will need a stud finder, level, drill, screw drivers, tape measure, and of course, the wall mount.

Happy viewing!

With ServiceMarket, a qualified handyman in Dubai is easy to come by. Everyone needs the occasional maintenance professional to come in and do some work around the house, so if you are looking to mount a TV on your wall, head over to ServiceMarket to book a handyman. We hope you enjoy your viewing experience once the TV is right where you want it to be.

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