What Are the Charges for Henna Home Service in Dubai?

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Henna has been part of culture and tradition for hundreds of years, and an essential activity around joyous occasions in Dubai and other parts of the region. Whether it’s your own big day or a friend’s event, you can now get henna application as part of salon at home services. 

There are some of the top professionals offering henna home service in Dubai. From simple to intricate designs, these artists are very talented and skilled at henna application. If you decide to book a henna artist at home in Dubai, make sure you know about the cost, and what factors can affect it.

Cost of Henna Home Service in Dubai

The cost of henna application varies according to the complexity of the design you choose and its size.

ServiceTotal Cost
One hand – up to the wrist (simple design)AED 120
Both hands – up to the wrist (simple design)AED 230
One hand – up to the forearm (simple design)AED 160
Both hands – up to the forearm (simple design)AED 260
One hand – up to the wrist (full design)AED 180
Both hands – up to the wrist (full design)AED 280
One hand – up to the forearm (full design)AED 200
Both hands – up to the forearm (full design)AED 300
Feet (simple design)AED 130
Feet (full design)AED 230

Factors Affecting the Cost of Henna Application

There are numerous factors that affect the total cost of henna application as per your preference.

Type or Size of Design

While some people like to adorn their arms up to their elbows with henna, others prefer simpler designs only till the wrists. Full designs are usually very detailed and are mostly requested by brides. These cost more as they require a higher usage of henna paste. While simpler ones are great for Eid or other occasions, and are comparatively cheaper.

Number of Hands or Feet

You can either go for henna application on both arms or feet, or you can get it applied on just one. This is a major factor that affects the total cost. 

Experience of Henna Artist

Some henna artists have a massive following, while others may have more experience or training in this field and so, they charge higher fees comparatively.  

Number of People

Usually during weddings or for other events, henna artists get booked for services for a number of people collectively rather than for just one person. Therefore, the total charges of henna application increase as per the number of people. 

Tips for Dark and Lasting Henna Stain

There are a few things you can do to ensure that your henna leaves a dark stain and stays longer.

  • Leave the henna on for as long as you can, preferably 4 to 8 hours. The longer it stays on your skin, the darker the stain will turn out.
  • Try to keep your henna warm after application, but be careful not to get too close to a heating unit to avoid burns. 
  • Avoid using your hands or feet a lot, regardless if the henna has dried or is still wet. This will keep it from flaking excessively. 
  • After it has dried up, try scraping it off or use coconut oil to remove it instead of washing it off with water. 


Ladies love to adorn their hands and feet with beautiful henna designs on various celebratory occasions like Eid, weddings, and other special events. Since they are all decked up in fancy clothes, it is safer, not to mention convenient, to get it done at home through a professional henna home service in Dubai.

If you too are looking for henna home salon service in Dubai, visit ServiceMarket now and book a henna artist as per your budget.

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