What Equipment is Used for Window Cleaning in Dubai

window cleaning in Dubai

Being an arid region with a tropical climate, Dubai is much more prone to sandstorms throughout the year. If you happen to live in Dubai, you must be aware of the aftermath of these gusty winds; you just have to hire a window cleaning company. These dusty winds not only require you to clean your space from the inside but from the outside too. You don’t want your doors and windows to have dust accumulated all over so regularly cleaning them is a must.

Cleaning the exterior of your windows is a painstaking task if done all by yourself. With ServiceMarket, you can hire the best window cleaning services in Dubai and get sparkling clean windows without any hassle.

If you are courageous enough to take up the challenge of sweeping them clean yourself, there are a few essentials and equipment that you would require. So continue reading further if you want to know!

Equipment Used for Window Cleaning in Dubai


A squeegee is a wiper-like essential specifically made for removing any water stains from the glass. So, get yourself the one with a metal frame that fits in well with the window panes in your house. The size matters a lot, so choose accordingly! 

Also, the one with a replaceable or a reversible rubber blade is much better as sharper blades are much more effective in wiping all the moisture away from the glass. 

Strip Applicator

Although similar in appearance, unlike a squeegee, this tool comes with a cloth head used in spreading the soapy water onto areas that are unreachable otherwise. The one with a replaceable nylon pad is much more efficient in dampening and removing any stubborn grit on the glass. 


Get a large enough sponge that can hold a considerable amount of soapy water all at once so that you don’t have to wet and rinse your windows after every second. Also, an oversized sponge can get water into the crevices too and help you sweep your glass in less time.


A nylon scrubber is ideal for removing bird droppings or any hard-to-remove gunk resting on the glass of your windows. Dampening all these dried bits with a sponge and soap water, you can easily remove them using a scrubber. You can buy a set and keep handy whenever required.

Steel Wool

Although a nylon scrubber is great for any dried bits on the glass, a ball of steel wool is absolutely necessary for diffusing any mineral stains on your windows. Moistening it with some soap solution, rub it over the stains, and then rinse the window off using a strip applicator to ensure it has been cleaned. However when using steel wool ensure that it is not too harsh on the glass window.

Cleaning Rags

We recommend you use lint-free rags to dry all the water and remaining stains once you’re done with all the cleaning. These highly absorbent pieces of cloth prevent your glass from streaking so stack a few of these as well.

Dishwashing Liquid

To lather all your windows, you will need to form a soap solution first. And what better way to make it than by using something that is already lying in your cabinet, the dishwashing liquid. In a bucket full of water, add in a few drops of this liquid, along with some white vinegar and water. Your homemade window cleaning liquid is ready!

Rubber Gloves

As you might throw in some chemicals too in the window cleaning solution to make your cleaning more effective, you’ll need a pair of rubber gloves too to keep your hands safe and dry. You can buy these in bulk and dispose of a pair after each session.


You can’t use all these tools dry. You’ll only be able to swoosh all the grit and dust away from the glass if you have a bucket filled with the window cleaning solution. So choose the one according to the size of your squeegee and scrubber. But make sure it’s not too large so that you can handle it with ease.


Get a lightweight ladder that is sturdy enough to bear your weight and that of your tools and equipment. You don’t want to topple over while getting the job done! 

Make sure the size of the ladder is such that you can easily reach the higher parts of your windows without stretching much. Lastly, it should also have a wide enough platform where you can rest your bucket while sweeping the glass.

Final Takeaway 

If you have all the equipment mentioned above, you can clean your windows yourself. 

Nonetheless, cleaning the exterior of your windows is not very easy. It may seem simple, but it’s a lot more than that, especially when you’re residing in a multiple-story apartment building. 

So we recommend you get professional help for it and let them do the grind. ServiceMarket has partnered with some of the most trustworthy window cleaning companies in Dubai. So let them do the job instead!

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