What is Included in Office Moving in Dubai?

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Office moving in Dubai is a long, tedious, and draining process. Whether it’s to scale, move closer to a supplier, be in a better location, or just because you’re getting a better property deal, office movers and packers can help you through the process.

It may not seem like it, but office moving is a process that demands meticulous planning and attention to detail. This means that you will have to formulate and follow a very calculated schedule and must have a checklist. Luckily for you, you are not alone. You can book office movers in Dubai to help take the burden off you. While you’re at it, here’s our eight-step process to make moving easier!

Make a Detailed Checklist or Directory

The things you’d want to move first are probably all the office supplies. This is never as simple as grabbing a box, tape, and a pair of scissors, and packing everything up. The worst thing you can do for yourself is to jump right into packing because it leaves a lot of room for theft, misplacement, confusion, and miscalculation. 

To avoid this, make a directory of all the objects in your office – big or small. It should include everything starting from stationery supplies to furniture to make sure nothing is left behind. This also enables you to estimate the overall cost of moving and the number of boxes you might need whilst leaving you a concrete list to follow while packing. It would help to categorize the supplies and color-code them.

Make Soft Copies of Important Documents

Another very important step is to create soft copies of all of your documents that are on paper. Older companies usually have a lot of data that is just in hard copy form, dating back to pre-cloud service times. Moving documents on paper is costly, time-consuming, and not safe. So, it would be best to create soft copy versions. This would ensure that they are not misplaced or stolen, and you will also have backups. It also puts all your data in one place making it easier to manage in the long run.

Buy Boxes

On the surface, buying boxes sounds like a very simple task. Placing an order and receiving them feels like all there is to it, right? This is only partially true. One look online will give you an idea of how diverse the variety is. You can choose from a wide array of storage products including disposable cardboard boxes, bags, huge stackable crates, moving pods, and rentable bins.

It is best to buy boxes that are tailored to your supplies. This is where your directory comes in. With its help, you can make an estimate of the number of boxes you might need of each kind. Some supplies are better moved in bags rather than boxes. While making the purchase, it is important to account for all supplies and potential extras. This means ordering at least two more of each kind of box than your estimated requirement.

Pack Supplies Carefully

Here comes the most crucial step – packing! This can be as fun or tedious as you make it. Packing requires patience and consistency. Never just stuff things into boxes and seal them. You have to be more systematic than that or you might get confused along the way! 

The best way to pack is to load supplies into boxes in a manner that they don’t break. This means using a lot of bubble wrap and Styrofoam to cover the corners and wrap the more delicate supplies. For smaller supplies, you can either choose to get smaller boxes or fit many at a time into a big one. If you choose the latter approach, be sure to seal them properly and fill any extra space so that supplies can’t move freely inside and get damaged.

Refer to the Checklist

It might not sound like it but it is very important to keep going back to the checklist. For every box you pack, tally the supplies you have packed with the checklist or directory. It would help to mark the items that have been packed off to avoid confusion.

Label the Boxes

This last bit is arguably the most important and will save you the most trouble later on. After packing each box and tallying its contents, be sure to label it properly with a list of supplies it carries. It is also important to label boxes carrying fragile objects to ensure that they don’t break during the move. 

Can Office Movers in Dubai Make Your Office Move Easier?

After going over these steps, you’ve probably realized just how tedious the whole process of moving and wrapping everything can be. The easiest way to overcome all these challenges is to hire professional office movers in Dubai. They can remarkably reduce the stress and hassle because you can depend on them to arrange packing materials, carefully pack your office belongings, arrange experienced movers to lift everything with care, load it all in a truck for transportation, and help you unpack and settle in at your new office location.Β Β 

An added benefit of hiring professional moving services is that they can be affordable when you buy their service bundles. 


You may not realize it, but in the long run, hiring packers can prove much more beneficial and economical than packing yourself. Instead of worrying about the never-ending tasks and paying extra for packing supplies, you can spend your last few months in the office making memories and planning the best farewell/welcome party! Hire office movers and packers through the ServiceMarket website or the app now to make your moving process much smoother. 

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