Your Checklist for Regular Villa Maintenance in Dubai

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A city for the rich and affluent, Dubai is home to many villas and estate properties. With a rising population and immigration rates, especially after the pandemic, the number of villas is only increasing, along with the need for home maintenance services. However, maintaining villas is not an easy undertaking, and is often put off or completely overlooked. There are some essential services for villa maintenance in Dubai that are necessary for their upkeep.

If you have been facing any maintenance issues that need fixing or are considering revamping, remodeling, or even retouching your home’s appearance, this is your sign to book a home maintenance company that can take the job off your hands!

Five Basic Tasks of Villa Maintenance in Dubai

Villa maintenance is hard, but investing in it increases your villa’s life, not to mention, the quality of your life!

Deep Cleaning

Houses in Dubai are often collateral damage from sandstorms and dust in the air. Even the newest, most stylishly built house can look old or haggard if left unclean or dusty for a long time. For more details, you can have a look at our article which is a deep cleaning checklist for villas in Dubai.


Another maintenance tip for your home is getting it painted. When living in a dusty or sunny climate, the first thing that weathers or wears out is the paint, especially of the exterior. The paint often dries up, while the gradual accumulation of sand creates a layer of dirt over its surface. Many plumbing or sewage issues, too, cause paint to peel off or get damaged. 

Getting your house painted after a certain amount of time is, therefore, necessary for its upkeep. Whether it’s repainting for the sake of maintenance or renovation, a paint job can refresh and lift the look of your entire house. 


Many villas have huge gardens with elaborate flower and tree displays. If you are at all into botany, agriculture, horticulture, or just like your garden to look pretty, you probably need to avail gardening services now and then. 

Even a garden with just grass needs maintenance, such as trimming and pest control. Hiring a professional gardener to ensure the upkeep of your lawn can be very helpful. Not only does it take the burden of carrying out tedious and messy tasks such as watering plants or planting new ones, but it also gives you peace of mind knowing that your garden is in professional hands. 

Professional gardeners have abundant knowledge and experience in the field of gardening, which is necessary for ensuring that your plants are healthy, not over-watered or overexposed to sunlight, are suitable to the weather and climate in your region, and are regularly fertilized.


Rechecking your home’s plumbing situation is an often overlooked aspect of villa maintenance in Dubai. Because it rains so infrequently, people assume that there is very little weather-related wear and tear, meaning, there is no need to get it checked. This cannot be farther from the truth! 

Faulty or leaky sewage pipes can be detrimental to the smooth functionality of a home and a source of stress for the whole household. They cause a plethora of problems starting with foul smell, wall spots and leakages, mold and fungal growths, and cracks in walls. It can even be a huge safety hazard, as leaky sewage piping is often also indicative of leaky gas pipes! Therefore, it is very important to run regular plumbing checks.

AC Maintenance

Dubai is a city where air conditioning is required for most of the year due to its very warm climate. This makes regular maintenance and servicing quite essential to ensure appliance durability and optimum performance. 

While washing filters is a task that requires under five minutes and is a quick fix to AC cleaning, your device needs far more to function properly than just that. Its entire insides should be cleaned seasonally to ensure that there is no dust accumulation. The external body of your AC needs cleaning just as much as its internal machinery. Another thing to check is the AC’s gas. 

Villa maintenance in Dubai requires time and effort making it hard to fit into your daily routine. Some tasks also require professional help or supervision. This is why it is wise to seek professional assistance.  ServiceMarket lets you book a home maintenance company online in Dubai. Simply go to the website and add all the required information. It is just the right place to find solutions to all of your home maintenance issues and more.

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