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AC and heating Annual Gardening Contract Annual Maintenance Contract Building / Flooring Carpentry Electrician Exterior Painting Garden maintenance Gazebos, Decks and Porches Grass and Artificial Lawns Home Painting Landscaping and Design Locksmith Office Painting Plumbing Swimming pools and water features

18 Reviews

Craig Norrey 3/9/17
(3 /5)

“Consistently late, but got the job done "

Everytime they turned up they were very late, which meant they didn't even start the job on the day they'd planned. However, they did come back on their day off to complete the job. Astroturfing the balcony. We're happy with the end result.

Muhammad Atif Shafique 27/10/17

Please be informed we received your feedback from the service market. We tried to give you a ring you might be unavailable at the moment. First of all, we appreciate your input as we continuously seek to improve our services. We sincerely apologize that our services fell short of your expectations. Please be informed there was some delay when executing these works, due to the misunderstanding with the access to the apartment. The first day that we execute the job, there was an issue with the access and our team was waiting for more than 3 hours. To cover the delays, we ask our team to continue with the job on a holiday so that we can expedite completing these works. Moving forward we will make sure to learn from this experience so that we can prevent this from happening in the future. Please feel free to contact us directly to further address your concerns.

Sambu Subramanyam 28/9/16
(5 /5)

“Good service but a bit expensive"

Electrical fixing and bit of carpentry work tasked to do. On time, knowledgeable technicians and got everything done in one go.

Lucas 14/3/16
(5 /5)

“Very good painting job for a reasonable price"

Pre-Job organization took some days but the job was done very well, quick and for a very reasonable price. Recommendable!

AbozM 13/3/16
(5 /5)

“Good service"

Professional and did a good job

Mat Zalk 7/3/16
(2 /5)

“Unavailable on weekends and unresponsive generally"

I requested a service provider that was available over the weekend; it turned out they were unavailable on either Friday or Saturday. If you work weekdays this may create a headache. The team did indeed come for a quote, and send it within 24 hours of being at the house. Subsequent questions / follow ups were not answered, and my issue, as a result, had stalled and been left without a solution.

Nasia Saad 1/3/16
(5 /5)

“Highly recommended"

Excellent paint and handy work by Bibi and Binjou. Highly recommend the duo if you are considering a house paint, they work in organized and clean manner, making sure that all is done properly and as per customer's wish.

Bana 4/3/15
(5 /5)

“Fantastic painting job"

I hired Fixperts to paint my 1 bedroom apartment after I moved out of it (wanted to save on my deposit!). They gave me a killer offer for AED 799 as a MoveSouq customer. The job was perfect. They arrived on time, the supervisor surveyed the place, and the job was done perfectly. Thanks Fixperts!

Shah 3/12/14
(5 /5)

“Great response, professional paint service"

I was very happy with Fixperts. They were the first to respond and give me a quote. Everything was very timely and professional, I highly recommend them.

Thomas 27/10/14
(5 /5)

“Excellent Job"

It was the 2nd time we used their services. We had an electrical problem and they've handled it very well. It was excellent

Mohd Essam 27/10/14
(5 /5)

“Very responsive "

They did all the work for us and it was very good. They were very responsive when I called them for urgent request. The technicians were well equipped and after the job was done, they did not need to come back for any repair.

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