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Want to get your blood test at home in Sharjah?

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Book a Blood Test at home in Sharjah and get your blood sample drawn in the comfort of your home. Whether you want to get diagnostic blood tests done or your annual CBC (Complete Blood Count), you can now get your lab tests done in your home, office, or hotel, whatever suits your busy schedule! With a starting price of AED 99, the blood tests are done by MOH certified professionals. If you are looking for more healthcare services like Doctor on Call in Sharjah, you can browse through our website.

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ServiceMarket offers home healthcare services under License No. 8357061 issued by Dubai Health Authority (DHA).

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We have partnered with Sharjah's best hospitals and clinics to get you the service you need at your doorsteps.
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Get tested by a DHA certified clinic

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Blood Tests at Home in Sharjah

The blood test at home service in Sharjah brings the lab to your doorstep, allowing you to undergo lab tests within the comfort of your home. Whether for routine check-ups, monitoring chronic conditions, or diagnostic purposes, blood test at home Sharjah offers you a hassle-free and personalized healthcare service.


Blood test at-home services in Sharjah offer unparalleled convenience, allowing patients to schedule tests according to their own schedule while avoiding the hassle of clinic visits. This is particularly beneficial for those with mobility limitations, the elderly, or anyone seeking to avoid the stress of commuting to a clinic.


One of the significant advantages of blood test at-home services in Sharjah is the privacy they offer. By having their blood tests conducted in the comfort of their own homes, patients can maintain confidentiality regarding their health status. This discreet option is particularly valuable for those who wish to keep their medical information private or have sensitive health concerns, offering a level of personal privacy that may be difficult in a traditional clinic.

Cost of Lab Test at Home in Sharjah

The cost of a blood test at home in Sharjah can vary widely depending on the type of test you opt for. At ServiceMarket, basic blood tests for routine check-ups or common health concerns are very affordable, starting at AED 99. More specialized or comprehensive blood tests may cost more, typically in the range of 200 AED to 500 AED or more. For the complete price list, hit the Book Now button.

Frequently asked questions

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Blood test at home service Sharjah is a convenient and patient-centered approach where individuals can get their blood samples collected in the comfort of their own homes.

A wide range of blood tests can be performed at your home in Sharjah, including routine check-ups, cholesterol checks, diabetes monitoring, complete blood count (CBC), and specialized tests recommended by doctors.

The cost of getting your blood test at home in Sharjah varies depending on the type and number of tests you require. At ServiceMarket, you can get your blood test done in as little as AED 99. For the complete price list, hit the Book Now button.

Booking an at-home blood test in Sharjah is very easy. Just visit the ServiceMarket website or app, select the Blood Test at Home service, and hit the Book Now button. After clicking on the Book Now button you will be directed to a booking form where you can choose the blood test you want to get done after which you can select the time and location. Once you receive a booking confirmation email, you’re good to go!

Yes, at ServiceMarket, we only work with reputable at-home blood test providers in Sharjah with MOH licensed phlebotomists and medical professionals to ensure accurate and safe sample collection.

The turnaround time for results can vary based on the tests, but you can typically expect to receive your results within a few days over both email and phone.

Yes, certain tests may require fasting. If fasting is required for a test, it will be mentioned in the details of that test on the booking form. Generally, fasting is required for Diabetes Screening Tests.

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