Frequently Asked Questions

About ServiceMarket

Using ServiceMarket has several advantages:

  1. We do the work for you. You do not have to waste time researching companies and collecting multiple quotes from individual providers. We will collect your quotes and guide you based on your budget and needs
  2. We only work with licensed service providers. All our suppliers are vetted, qualified professionals
  3. We get you competitive rates. Our companies compete for your business, so you can expect to get the best rates for the level of service required
  4. Our service is free. Always

About our services

After completing a short online form explaining what service you are looking for, you may select up to three companies from which you wish to receive quotes. You may also skip the quote process and book your service directly for select services. After submitting your request, we will send your information to the companies. Within 24 hours, you will receive quotes from your selected suppliers or a confirmation that your booking has been confirmed. It is that easy!

For some complex services such as moving and insurance, the ServiceMarket team will call you first to understand your request a bit better (such as the volume of your move, your budget, and your specific requirements). We then collect your personalized quotes from up to 5 companies, and send them to you.

No. Our service is free to all our customers. Once you have received your personalized quotes, you have the freedom and flexibility to select a service provider that best suits your needs and purchase their services when you need it.

You can expect to receive quotes from around 3-5 companies

  • For insurance requests, we recommend submitting your request 1-2 days before you need your policy to begin
  • For household services such as painting, cleaning, and pest control, we recommend that you submit your request 3-5 days in advance
  • Complex services have a longer lead time. We recommend 2-3 weeks for moving, storage, and car shipping requests to make sure your desired service provider is available on that date

About our company listings

We collect customer reviews in two ways. Most of our reviews come from online submissions from ServiceMarket customers. Some reviews are gathered through customer satisfaction calls conducted after service has been delivered. We ask customers to rate companies based on their overall satisfaction with service quality, professionalism, and value for money.

Reviews are a way for the ServiceMarket user community to learn from the experience of others when selecting a service provider. In the interest of maintaining a rich, unbiased source of market information, we adhere to the below principles when handling reviews.

Reviews posted on ServiceMarket are:

  1. Authentic, first-hand accounts of a service experience
  2. About a company listed on ServiceMarket
  3. Submitted by customers who have used our site to request a service
  4. Free from profanity and threatening language
  5. ServiceMarket reserves the right to remove a review at any time if it violates our review policy.

We verify each review personally, so please allow 2-5 days for your review to be posted.

About our privacy policy

We value your privacy. Your personal contact information will only be used by ServiceMarket and the companies you select to communicate your personalized quotes.

We may contact you from time to time for the following things:

  1. To collect a review on the service provider you hired
  2. To collect feedback on our services
  3. To inform you of new services and promotions available on our site

If you are receiving any unwanted emails from ServiceMarket or one of the service companies, please email us at

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