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You can book an IV drip at home or at your office in Dubai. With just a few clicks you can get the intravenous (IV) therapy you require, whether it is a Hangover IV at home, IV Vitamin Therapy at home, Immunity Support Drip, Anti Aging Drip, or Skin Glow Drip, you can choose from one of the many options available. All medical clinics and hospitals partnering with ServiceMarket are licensed by DHA (Dubai Health Authority) and MOH (Ministry of Health) to provide health services such as Doctor on Call, Blood Test at Home, Nurse at Home, and PCR Test at Home in Dubai.

Our Healthcare License

ServiceMarket offers home healthcare services under License No. 8357061 issued by Dubai Health Authority (DHA).

How it works

We have partnered with Dubai's best hospitals and clinics to get you the service you need at your doorsteps.
Tell us what you need
Tell us what you need

Fill out a short form and choose the IV treatment you need.

We will connect you to the best clinics and hospitals in Dubai
We will connect you to the best clinics and hospitals in Dubai

We will send DHA-licensed nurses to administer the IV drip at home.

Skip the clinic waiting time and relax
Skip the clinic waiting time and relax

After a quick doctor consultation, a nurse will administer the IV drip therapy.

IV Drip at Home Dubai

IV (intravenous) Drip therapy is a quick way to deliver the required nutrients directly to your bloodstream. No matter where you are, you can quickly book the IV therapy needed and have a nurse administer it as soon as 4 hours from your time of booking! The IV drip at home service is very beneficial if you are low on energy and need an IV drip instantly. In such a situation, instead of going to a clinic or hospital, the IV therapy can be provided to you in the comfort of your home.

DHA Licensed Staff

Once you select the IV Drip therapy you require, a DHA licensed doctor will visit you and provide you with consultation regarding the at home IV treatment you have opted for. The treatment will be prescribed if required after assessing the health of the patient. Once the IV treatment is prescribed, a DHA registered nurse will administer the at home IV drip therapy.

Quick Availability

When booking the IV drip Dubai at home treatment with ServiceMarket, you can avoid the commute and long waiting time when visiting a medical clinic or hospital. Moreover, you can get the service in the comfort of your home within 4 hours of booking the service. You can book an appointment between 6 a.m. to 12 a.m. seven days a week.

Cost of IV Drip at Home

The cost of IV drip Dubai at home depends on the IV treatment you require. The cost of at home IV treatments ranges from around AED 399 - AED 650. All IV treatments listed on ServiceMarket whether it is a hangover IV at home or any other saline drip at home includes a doctor's consultation, the actual treatment administered by a DHA certified nurse and any material/equipment required during the treatment.

Frequently asked questions

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IV drip therapy is a medical treatment where fluids, vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients are delivered directly into your bloodstream through an intravenous (IV) line. It is often used to address various health concerns or as a form of hydration therapy.

At home IV drip treatments in Dubai can cost you anywhere between AED 399 – AED 650, depending on the IV drip therapy you are going for. At ServiceMarket, you can get IV treatments at home at affordable prices, with a Doctor’s consultation included in the price.

While you can give yourself an IV at home, getting it done by certified medical staff is always ideal. Therefore, it is recommended that you get your IV drip at home Dubai done by DHA licensed staff who can administer the treatment safely after a doctor’s consultation.

The Skin Glow Drip helps to hydrate the skin while detoxifying cells and eliminating free radicals. It also assists in collagen production, resulting in hydrated and glowing skin.

IV therapy works for weight loss only when used as a supplement to exercise and a healthy diet. The purpose of IV therapy for weight loss is to help increase your metabolism and to provide you with the required energy to work out.

An IV drip session typically takes around 60 minutes. However, if you take into account the Doctor’s consultation time as well, it can easily take you up to 2 hours, depending on the at home IV treatment you are going for.

The frequency of IV therapy sessions will depend on your medical condition and treatment goals. Your doctor will recommend an appropriate schedule, which may range from weekly to monthly or as required. Only a DHA certified doctor can prescribe an IV drip at home treatment for you.

IV drip at home Dubai is completely safe if administered by certified medical staff. At ServiceMarket, once you choose the type of at home IV treatment you require, you will have a Doctor’s consultation (included in the IV drip therapy service). After the consultation session, once you are prescribed the IV treatment, a DHA certified nurse will administer the IV drip therapy for you.

IV drip side effects are generally rare but can include infection at the IV site, allergic reactions, or minor discomfort during the procedure. Your healthcare provider will discuss all potential risks with you before starting home IV therapy.

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