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Moving tips from The Home Project

The Top 10 Movers and Packers in Dubai

Moving to a new home can be exciting as it gives you a fresh chance to re-decorate and create your dream home. However, most Dubai residents choose to hire professional movers and packers because no on...

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How to Get a Fair Estimate from Your Movers and Packers

Are you moving neighborhoods and thinking about hiring movers in Dubai? Perhaps you’re wondering about the expense and whether it would be financially more feasible to do it yourself? The team at Se...

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7 Tips for Preparing for the Movers in Dubai

You can never take the amount of precision and planning that goes into moving lightly. From keeping a checklist to booking with the right moving company in Dubai, every decision has to be calculated an...

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3 Things to Know Before Hiring Movers and Packers

Movers in Dubai can come to your service at a very crucial time - moving houses can prove to be a roller coaster ride of emotions, because while you are excited about moving into a new home, you feel a...

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Self Moving vs Hiring Moving Companies in Dubai

If the need to move ever comes up, the first and most important question to tackle is whether you should move by yourself or hire moving companies in Dubai? ServiceMarket partners with ISS Worldwide Mo...

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How Movers in Dubai Calculate the Price of Your Move

Moving from one place to the next can be exciting, but it can also be a challenging and an expensive ordeal. Different moving companies in Dubai calculate their fares differently, so there is no defini...

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How much will my move within Dubai cost?

AED 800 – 1,200
1 bedroom*
AED 1,000 – 1,800
2 bedrooms*
AED 1,800 – 2,700
3 bedrooms*
AED 2,500 – 4,000
4 and 5 bedrooms*
AED 4,000 – 6,000

What kind of moving experience should I expect with my budget?


Premium Provider

Premium moving companies provide top-of-the-line service backed by a ServiceMarket guarantee. They are internationally certified by FIDI and you can expect them to use quality packing materials, transport your belongings with utmost care, and have uniformed, multilingual teams.


Standard Provider

Standard moving companies provide high quality service at reasonable prices. You can expect them to safely pack your belongings using materials like bubble wrap and blankets, transport your belongings in a closed truck or shipping container, and have uniformed teams.


Budget Provider

Budget moving companies provide basic moving services at competitive prices. You can expect them to use simple packing materials (e.g., blankets), transport your belongings in an open truck, and have teams that speak one language and may not wear uniforms.

How do I find movers in Dubai with ServiceMarket?

House moving or office moving in Dubai can be very stressful (we’ve all been there). There are almost 500 removal companies in Dubai alone, and it's hard to figure out which mover to hire. You need to find the moving company that provides the best moving and packing services you need, such as high quality of every piece of furniture in your home, all while staying within your budget. But how do you figure all this out when you're short on time? That's where ServiceMarket comes in! ServiceMarket matches you with the best movers in Dubai quickly and easily. On ServiceMarket, you can browse different UAE moving companies, compare their prices, read customer reviews, and get quotes without any charge! Yes, it's completely free! We give you all the information you need to make an informed decision on which one of the many Dubai movers is right for you.

How do I request quotes from moving companies in Dubai?

All you have to do is first fill out our form by telling us you need "Local moving" and hit the big orange "Get started" button! After specifying the details of your Dubai move, we will get in touch with you to understand your request a little better. This is when you should tell us if you require any additional moving services such as extra packing material, closed trucks, moving and transport insurance, storage, or handyman services. Based on this information we will match you to the best Dubai movers and packers that suit your requirements, and directly get personalized quotes from them. Be sure to submit your office or home moving request at least a few days in advance to gain maximum benefits.

What are the benefits of using ServiceMarket to get quotes for my move in Dubai?

  1. You'll always get in touch with the best local movers in Dubai: We form strong relationships with all our Dubai movers so you can always count on getting access to the best removal service available in Dubai. We also clearly label companies that are part of the International Association of Movers (IAM) or have the FIDI certification.
  2. You'll get up to 5 quotes for your Dubai office or house move: After you tell us a little about your moving requirements, we'll get you personalized quotes from up to 5 moving companies in Dubai so you can compare prices, customer ratings, and any exclusive offers they are providing ServiceMarket customers. We pride ourselves in helping you within a couple hours of your request submission.
  3. You can read real and up-to-date customer reviews for all Dubai moving companies: You will have access to all the customer reviews given to the Dubai mover by previous ServiceMarket customers. This will give you a better sense of the service quality the removal company provides within the emirate. All our reviews are verified so that you can make sure they are trustworthy.
  4. You are guaranteed to get the best price for your Dubai move: The relocation companies know they are competing with at least 4 other movers in Dubai so they do their best to give you the best possible price for you as a ServiceMarket customer.
  5. It's for FREE: Our whole service is free! ServiceMarket does not take any commission from the moving companies, so your quotes are never affected.

What do customers say about ServiceMarket?

ServiceMarket has been rated 4.3 out of 5 based on 457 reviews as of October 2018. - Read all customer reviews.

* All price ranges are only estimates based on quotes collected through ServiceMarket. These prices are only for packing and transportation of items. Additional services such as curtain hanging, furniture assembly, etc may entail additional charges. Excludes VAT