Dubai Real Estate: Top 8 Commercial Areas in Dubai for Offices

popular office commercial areas in Dubai

Moving to Dubai is nerve-wracking when you have so much on your plate. And that added stress of shifting your entire house and work to somewhere new without any help is quite daunting. Therefore we recommend you to get your hands on some of the most reliable office moving companies in Dubai.

Upon relocating, if you plan to start your own business in the city, you’ll have to rent out an office space too. Being the business hub of the UAE, Dubai is home to several properties that are designated for offices and everything commercial. And so, we’re here with a list of the top 8 commercial areas in Dubai that you can choose from to set up your new office.

Top 8 Commercial Areas in Dubai for Offices

1. Business Bay

Playing a role in making Dubai into a commercial hub, Business Bay is amongst the top choices when opening up an office. Strategically located at the heart of the city near Downtown Dubai and Jumeirah, it houses a plethora of different buildings, both residential and commercial. 

So if you want your workplace and your house close by, this is the place for you. Offering contemporary yet affordable living it is a perfect choice for all business owners out there. Buildings like Bay Square and Iris Bay are the most popular amongst those planning to rent out an office in the area.

2. Dubai Hills Business Park

Resting in the heart of Mohammed bin Rashid City, this recently budding high-tech project houses various working and living spaces. 

Offering high-end living coupled with state-of-the-art offices and other amenities, the place is well-connected to the city’s whereabouts with access to two metro lines and the Etihad rail. All this and much more make the place worthy of investment and open up new businesses to flourish.

3. Dubai International Financial Centre (DIFC)

Being an arena leading in everything innovative, the financial hub connects both old and new Dubai and houses two of the city’s metro stations both on the red line. Having registered more than 3000 companies, the place is replete with businesses of all sorts. 

Regulated by an independent legal system, the financial-free zone provides a safe space for all those business tycoons, be they locals or foreigners, to get their operations up and running.

4. Dubai Media City (DMC)

Being one of the many free zones in Dubai, Dubai Media City primarily started as a media hotspot in 2001. Be it local or international, the area houses all sorts of media outlets catalyzing the economic activity in Dubai. Some of the first offices in the area include CNN, Forbes, and Sony. 

The place offers to open up a business free of tax with many other incentives, so if you’re looking for something to start in the media, this is your calling.

5. Dubai Science Park

As the name suggests, the area houses everything scientific and pharmaceutical. Be it multinationals or small companies, the science park provides opportunities of all sorts to every commercial outlet. 

Being a free zone further escalates its significance for all those who plan to dive into the environmental and science sector. Housing around 300 companies, the area is centrally located in Al Barsha giving all potential entrepreneurs easy access to most of Dubai’s major parts.

6. Dubai Silicon Oasis (DSO)

Located at the heart of the emirate, just like DIFC Silicon Oasis is also a free zone offering both office and residential accommodation. Giving fair trade benefits to all owners, it lies between the two famous roads, the Sheikh Zayed and Al Ain.

Being a city in itself, the financial oasis showcases state-of-the-art infrastructure with high-tech businesses flourishing. The place also houses the Dubai Digital Park, a project contributing to the smart city development. Moreover, buildings like Palace Towers and Cambridge Business Centre also rest in the area.

7. Jumeirah Lake Towers (JLT)

In proximity to Dubai Marina, JLT is constructed along the four lakes in Jumeirah. Similar to Business Bay, the different towers are an amalgam of both residential and official high-rise buildings. So if you’re looking for a place where you can get an office and live also then this is your new home. 

Moreover, being one of the freehold zones, the area is a great place for all those business fanatics to grow and prosper. Some of the prominent office buildings include Jumeirah Bay X2, Jumeirah Business Center, and Mazaya Business Avenue.

8. Sheikh Zayed Road

Connecting Dubai and Abu Dhabi, it is one of the most central and popular highways of the Emirate. The road is well-connected to the rest of the city with multiple metro stations each at 5-minute intervals.Β 

With several hotels and various banks budding in the area, it’s strategically a great spot to rent out an office space for your business to thrive in.

Final Takeaway 

To be fully productive at work, you need to have a mix of calm and a competitive work environment. And so, you can choose from the above-mentioned places the one that goes in line with the commercial activities you plan to indulge in. Within the hustling site, you can have your own free space where you can work peacefully without any distractions.

Nonetheless, before moving to the city and opening up your office here, you must book the best office movers and packers in Dubai for a smooth office-moving process. Professional office movers will ensure your move to your new office space is less stressful.

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