Checklist for a Local Move in Abu Dhabi

Checklist for local move Abu

Are you thinking of moving apartments in Abu Dhabi but find the process overwhelming?

Are you looking for a checklist that would help you move smoothly and maybe take the anxiety down a notch?

Stay calm and hang in there while we get things sorted for you! 

Relocation can be exhausting and quite stressful. Amidst the shifting frenzy, your overworked mind may slip a few important things.

Worry not!

ServiceMarket has prepared a checklist for you, so you can walk through the important steps and make the move with ease. If you are looking for movers and packers in Abu Dhabi, you have landed on the right page. 

Things To Do Before You Leave The Old Place

1. Hire Professional Movers and Packers

Hiring professionals to take up the reins for packing and moving things will give you peace of mind and would enable you to concentrate on numerous other tasks ahead of you. 

When: Make the reservation one to two weeks in advance.

How: You can look for movers online. It is suggested to take quotes from different movers and pick the one that best suits your needs.

2. Cancellation / Transfer Of Connection Services

Take out some time to visit the nearest Du center or Etisalat to file a request for transfer of services to the new address or cancel the subscription to the present account. For a transfer request, the technician usually visits between two to four days.

When: The time it takes for the technician to visit, give him a margin of two to four days before the moving date.


  • When you visit, take a copy of the new tenancy contract and a copy of your passport or Emirates ID.
  • A transfer fee depending on the services subscribed to will be added to your next bill. Viola! You’re good to go after the technician’s visit. 

3. Deactivating Your ADWEA Account

This is a very significant step, if you do not deactivate your ADWEA account, the bills will keep piling up even after you’ve left the property.

When: Seven days before shifting


  • You have the option of submitting the form online or visiting the ADWEA office in person.
  • You would be required to attach your previous ADWEA bill and a copy of your passport with the form.Β 
  • The application processing takes two to three days before you receive your final bill.Β 
  • Once you receive the final bill you can pay it in the ADWEA office and collect your deposit.

For any further queries, you can visit the Abu Dhabi Water and Electricity Authority website.Β 

4. Make Sure You Get A Moving Permit

Some buildings require tenants to get a moving permit beforehand, so make sure you get that covered. 

When: Have a chat with the building manager a week in advance to make sure you have your bases covered. 

How: The process varies from one development to the other, some require you to submit the tenancy contract, passport, and visa copy a week in advance. It’s better to check it with the building manager when you meet him.

5. Leave Your Space Spick and Sparkly

If you are looking forward to getting your deposit back it is only apt you leave the house in a good condition. Just like the place you first moved into.

When: Schedule the cleaners and handyman one to two days before you leave. 


  • Hire cleaning professionals.
  • Repair any damages. 
  • Repaint the walls if need be.
  • Move all the furniture and belongings, leave nothing behind.

6. Get Back Your Deposit 

As long as you have restored the property to its original condition, the landlord would not withhold any charges. You can hand over the keys and ask for your deposit to be returned in full. 

The Bottom Line

Hope the checklist above makes relocation easy and smooth for you. If you are looking for good movers and packers in Abu Dhabi, book now on ServiceMarket.

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