Checklist for Moving to the USA From Abu Dhabi

moving from Abu Dhabi to the USA without a job

Do you plan on moving from Abu Dhabi to the US? If so, you’ve probably wondered about how to go about it.

Relocation to the USA from Abu Dhabi is a long, mind-boggling process that can seem daunting, but you don’t have to fret. Compiled in this article is a guide on everything you need to do to ensure your international move is as smooth as possible!

We advise you to start preparing at least a year in advance for your big move. Divide up the things you need to do before moving into four parts. One year before, six months before, three months before, and one month before.

Sounds too much? Don’t worry, because we have provided you with a checklist to help you through the process:

One Year Before Your Big Move

Preparing one year in advance may seem like overkill, but it is necessary that you get the time-consuming activities out of the way.


First things first, apply for a visa. Of course, there are many visas you can get; a student, business, tourist, or work visa – but it all depends on your needs and qualifications.

Property and Other Belongings

Second, decide what to do with your current house and property. Do you plan to sell them or rent them? Now’s the time to start listing potential plans.

Research moving companies as well as the best flights according to your budget.

You should also clearly decide what you will do with your car (if you have one) and any pets you wish to take with you or give away.

6 Months Before Your Big Move

Six months before the move, your visa process should be nearing completion. 

You can now start researching good neighborhoods to move to. Or, if you have a confirmed destination, you can visit to see how life is like in that area. You can also hire a professional to find your dream home.

This is the ideal time to select an international moving company to help ease your relocation.

Lastly, get all those pesky vaccinations and medical tests started. You want to be medically cleared at all costs. No one wants delays because of a missing vaccine!

3 Months Before Your Big Move

Three more months to go before your move? The excitement is sure to be creeping up to you. With excitement comes paranoia, but remember to keep pushing forward!

The flight should be booked by now, but if it isn’t, please do it at once. Your move date should also be confirmed, and if your house hunt is proving to be picky, you should arrange accommodations like an Airbnb until you find a house.

If you have children, start collecting their educational and medical records. Secondly, notify your workplace of your plans. 

Perhaps they’d still want you to remain with them, and they may offer you a remote job. If that is not the case, tender your resignation and start your leaving process.

1 Month Before Your Big Move

One month to go! You are sure to be super excited about moving from Abu Dhabi to the US!

The first thing to do now is to buckle up and start packing.

You must have reduced your belongings by now (you can’t take everything, so you better donate or sell the things you don’t need). Gather your travel documents and double-check your visa.

Recheck any medical tests in case you may have missed any.

Be sure to cancel your bills, and if you plan on closing your bank account, now is the time to do so.


And there you have it! A complete guide on how to plan through the strenuous process of moving to the US, even without a job! 

We recommend keeping a daily planner, especially if you are on a time limit to finalize your move.

Moving from Abu Dhabi to the US brings countless exciting opportunities and, while a complicated process, is sure to prove worth your while!

Good luck and happy moving!

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